PORSCHE 911 TURBO S ‘Exclusive Series’ (991)

The new rebranded ‘Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur’, Previously known as “Porsche Exclusive”, is the in-house workshop specialing in tailored to ‘customer wishes’ cars, as well as being the people for the limited-edition series, such as ‘993 Turbo S’ & ‘Sport Classic’ editions. With this latest 911 ‘Exclusive Series Edition’ by ‘Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur’, you can, for the first time ever, now order a matching chronograph from Porsche Design configured in the same design as your new car.

The engine comes with a factory upgrade providing an exclusive ‘power kit’ giving an extra 27bhp, making an impressive 599bhp, hitting 205mph. But this edition is more about the visual extras. The unique Gold-Yellow Metallic paintwork, only available on this edition. Other colours are on offer, including Agate Grey and White.

The three initial colours that were available. Other options were on offer to other countries. ©porsche

There’s a mass of Carbon-fibre components that have been added to this Porsche, including the roof, bonnet and side skirts all being constructed from the material.

Here is a quick note from the original Press Release:

Many hours of hand-crafting have gone into each of the 500 limited edition models. Each car boasts high-quality surfaces and a perfect finish from the front spoiler to the adjustable rear wing. The high-tech material carbon fibre was selected for this purpose and is treated extensively by hand until a perfect surface quality with a feeling of great depth is achieved. For example, on the contoured roof, the bonnet, the housing of the sports design exterior mirrors, and the extendable rear wing.”

“To accentuate the carbon look with its fine woven structure, the roof and bonnet are masked off in the exterior colour before painting, allowing the carbon structure to shimmer through in the characteristic two-stripe design. The paint finish is applied by hand and boasts a high level of precision. The painting process is also alternated with intermediate sanding operations for a gleaming surface effect.”


The Interior is where the wow factor screams out loud, the sports seats are upholstered in two layers of perforated leather, while the seams and the Turbo S lettering on the headrests have been finished in Golden Yellow. The Limited Series edition plaque is on the passenger’s side dashboard with a unique number, within the total of just 500 cars worldwide. Together with Exclusive Luggage and a unique watch to match the car was all available.

POr exc. bags.jpg
The unique Luggage that comes with the Exclusive Series

In America, a Convertible version was also available of this series, which was limited to 200 for the USA only. Also, various colours were opted for in the states, black, red and PTS colours.

911 TS Exc Cab
The USA only Cabriolet version.
Here’s a German car in rare graphite blue metallic with carbon wheels. ©Automotive Passion GmbH


Now, this is still ongoing breaking down the colours. Of the total 500 worldwide cars, just 29 UK RHD cars were registered. Possibly one extra is unregistered and owned by Porsche GB. (Making a total of 30 cars) It’s been said that just 7 of the UK cars are in grey… but I’m not confirming that until I have all 29 cars. Although the rarest colour is White. The remaining cars are in Gold.

I’m getting there… sign-up for updates or come back soon…


One of the rare UK cars in Grey. ©www.howmanymade.co.uk



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