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…This odd ‘collecting’ obsession with rare, limited edition & bespoke cars.

Being intrigued by the nature of a car that is different. Not the standard ‘fleet/lease’ approved spec, but more the ‘retired/sold up’ I’m having what I want specification. If it’s different in some way, with a great colour or odd one, then that’s good… The number of times when spotting a car I must have said: “Different Spec” or “Rare Spec” is beyond me!

Rover Monogram ©ownersrights

This strange love stems from the manufacturers with their ‘special division’ department that created special order cars; Porsche Exclusive (special wishes), Mercedes Designo, Range Rover SVO, Rover Monogram, Jaguar Insignia, Audi Exclusive, Bentley Mulliner, BMW Individual, etc… then all the associated connections within the manufacturer that don’t have the special division but have options that aren’t normal, like Renault id for example…

One-off Lotus Elise ‘Harrods Edition’ ©ownersrights

Then, of course, the specialist manufacturers that do works on makes and models. Companies such as Overfinch, Wood & Pickett, Lister, Alpina, Tickford, Zagato, etc that are genuine ‘coachbuilders’ of the day and acknowledged by their respective manufacturers. The line is drawn at the ‘add-ons’ companies though. If it’s basically been stapled on then it’s not of any interest. I won’t name names but I’m sure you know the types…

Park Lane Edition ©howmanymade.co.uk

The intention is to hopefully show cars that you never knew existed. To give accurate figures for how many are made and to hopefully learn a few editions I never knew existed, with your help…

Here’s the kind of thing;

  • The car has to be an official UK acknowledged vehicle by the factory.
  • Low Volume Sales vehicle, either ‘didn’t sell well’ or Limited Edition.
  • Ideally less than 50 as a total produced number.
  • A one-off vehicle for an interesting reason…
  • A special order colour or specification variation.
  • It doesn’t have to be a million-pound car…

There are a couple of other entries that will be included as we go along. More about that later.

This whole ‘Unique Special Order Limited Edition Bespoke One-Off’ tag is unfortunately now quite common ground. I should have done the site years ago before the bandwagon set-off but it’s here now and there are certainly a lot more interesting cars to be searched and talked about. I’ve been collecting ‘Spec’ & ‘Rare Cars’ for around 30 years now. Do give me a follow on Instagram for more interesting cars.

Ok, interesting vehicles then;

  • Range Rover has a wonderful history with interesting editions. The Holland & HollandHarrods Edition, CSK, Autobiography, Chromaflair Paints, Braemer, Ultimate Edition, Holland & Holland (405) 2015 edition, Anniversary, Overfinch etc… One of their ultimate vehicles that encapsulate the whole site is the 1999 Range Rover Linley. It has an incredible history of quirks and remained the most expensive Range Rover until the Ultimate Edition in 2011.
  • Only 6 were ever made worldwide. Read it here RANGE ROVER LINLEY 
630R 25th copy
Spec. Chromafair 2005
Range Rover Mayfair Edition
  • Mercedes AMGBlack Series‘. From the SLK, CLK, SL & SLS – All these in total UK sales don’t exceed more than 40 cars.
  • Even including the C63 Black Series Coupe, which 66 cars came to the UK, these are all rare and only around 100 in total.
  • Also a big interest in the many other variations including Designo, Brabus and early AMG.
C63 DR520.. copy
copyright to owner pic.
1of1 special order usa
  • Porsche and it’s many, many variations of the Marque are intriguing. The GT & RS editions, Speedster, SportClassic, Anniversary, Slant-nose, Turbo S versions and Exclusive & Paint to Sample (PTS) editions.
IMG_1072 copy
IMG_2934 copy
IMG_2674 copy
  • Jaguar /Daimler has various editions of interest. XKR Anniversary, XKR-GT, Insignia Editions, TWR, R, & LWB Editions etc
  • BMW / Alpina well these know how to do a good limited edition… Many variations are searched for including  M5 LE, B3 GTS, 30 Jahre, 25th Anniversary, GTS, DTM editions etc…
Z8 Alpina - black cream No 409
  • Bentley / Rolls Royce –  This is a tricky one as most Bentleys are fairly rare and certainly special. The more featured ones are Continental R,  T,  SC editions, Arnage T-24,  Mulliner, Special Commission, Le Mans, Brooklands Mulliner, Birkin, Arnage Final Series and many others.

See the Bentley sections for details on the Arnage Final Series, SC & Bentley Brooklands Coupe

Picasso (4) copy
No1of100 -the one copy
lhd copy

And then the rest… Aston Martin, Bristol, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Honda, TVR, Lancia, Lotus, Renault, Peugeot, ABARTH, Mitsubishi, Audi, Noble, and on & on…

VW R50
DB7 Zagato
S2000 Rare Green
40th Mucer Lambo - singapore edition
205 GTi 1 off Yellow. ©howmanymade

A list I guess that will never end as the new cars keep coming out… but keeping a register of the rare ones and having a quick look site for accurate facts & figures is the aim.


Mercedes CLK Designo 2003

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