An excellent little rarity from early 2013 by VW. A design marvel weighing in at only 795kg helped by a full carbon shell, the XL1 used a 900cc Diesel hybrid / electric car giving outstanding economy to become the most economical car in the world. The 7 speed DSG gearbox helping to return a world breaking 340mpg! (although these were VW figures…)

VW XL1 ©VWgroup

To originally buy one, you had to ‘register an interest’ on the VW site, which with a retail price of £98,500 you certainly would have had a great interest… it was believed initial response was strong before the confirmed pricing was announced.

VW XL1 ©VWgroup


The replacement for a wing mirror! ©VWgroup

A total of 200 were to be made and only sold in Europe. Initially, 250 were planned, this seems to of been changed. With the expectation of strong sales, it was hoped to be followed by different variations and editions including a Ducati 1199 Superleggera version, only one of them was made and shown at Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2014. That project has been confined to the history books. Recent talk of a four-version has still not emerged…

No UK cars exist in red. ©autoexpress

Sales in the UK were limited to 30 cars and from my calculations, it seemed that only a few were sold directly to the customers. Over half of the cars looked like they were sold to main-dealers as ‘show-cars’. A few still remain within the dealer network as one dealer owner cars. They were offered in a range of VW colours but most of the UK cars so far have come up in just 4 shades of Oryx White, Silver, Grey & Light Blue. With the Oryx White, being the most popular colour. The final imported number is believed to be 26 UK cars. With just 24 ever being registered. It’s thought some have been exported. Howmanymade have 22 different cars. 12 in white, 8 in silver, 1 in Light Blue & 1 in Grey. If there are more than 22 cars remaining in the UK then the colours will be added as they appear, but as of now, that’s the completist breakdown there is.

Interior. All cars were LHD ©vwgroup

Have a quick look at the ORIGINAL BROCHURE



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