Bentley Brooklands Coupe

The Brooklands Coupe of 2008 was from a family of Grand Tourers that only Bentley could produce. Incredible handmade craftsmanship and married to the current most powerful engine in the range with 530bhp.This wasn’t just a fixed head Azure or a Continental R, this was the ultimate GT with interior dimensions completely altered to accommodate 4 people in stunning luxury.

Bentley Brooklands Coupe Launch at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

Bentley Introduced their new Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007. Launched as a Limited Edition model, Limited to 550 models worldwide. The first models became public in 2008.

Brooklands int.
Various Options of finish were available for the Brooklands

Although it was branded as a Limited Edition of 550, that was, like so many Bentley Limited Editions the maximum amount that would be built. The actual number built from data of Bentley VIN number catalogue is;

TOTAL CARS: 426  Worldwide Cars. (Not including Prototype cars – 432 total)



For the UK I have every VIN number and steadily gathering every colour they were finished in. I have at least 64 UK cars registered with colours and specs… just need to search, sort and organise the others…

Brooklands - Black:Black. J.Holland
This is a rare spec! One of only a few in Black with Black spec… ©JohnHolland

The Rare ones are those on a ’10 plate, Only 6 of those were registered. And the rarest is the ‘final’ five which were a Special Commission by Jack Barclay, these include the mentioned ’10 plate.

Brooklands 2010 Special Commission
2010 Bentley Brooklands Special Commission 1 of 5

There’s more to follow on the Brooklands soon… contact me if you know any…

Hofmans Bent Brook.
One of my Favourites of all the UK cars is this one from Hofmans, in Henley. Superb attention to detail and enough class without overdoing it.  ©Hofmans



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