BMW i3 Mr Porter Edition

Described as the ‘Automotive Interpretation of a Dinner Jacket’, this is the very limited edition BMW i3 by Mr Porter. 

i3 porter cover.jpg
The i3 Mr Porter at Park Lane, London. Feb 2016. ©ParkLaneBMW

Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 at a price of £39,000 this was being marketed as a bespoke suit edition of a car. A tuxedo influence if you like, with the white effects being the crisp white collar.

BMW i3 Mr Porter. Main Shot
Original Press Release photo. ©MrPorter/IDPfilm

So who is Mr Porter you may ask? Well from the nest of Net-a-Porter, “MR PORTER is an award-winning online retail destination for men’s style, combining the best international menswear with expert advice and inspirational content”  So there…

BMW i3 Mr Porter sketch drawing
Design study for the ‘upcoming’ BMW i3 Mr Porter Edition. ©BMWpress/MrPorter

To celebrate the 5th Birthday of the online Fashion company, a unique BMW i3 was produced with a few special extras. Ok, I’m underselling it here. This is actually the most Luxurious & Rarest electric car that’s been released by BMW to date. The first view in the UK of the car was at the birthday party at the Savile Club in London on the 20th of February, 2016, celebrated with a host of fashion aficionados. The car was made available to order thereafter via ‘Mr Porter’ or your BMW dealer if they’d promoted it to their possible clients.

It came in an exclusive colour of Tuxedo Blue (Midnight Blue) with Capparis White accents. Also with a unique Coachline, hand-drawn by Rolls-Royce craftsmen, with the ‘Mr Porter’ ending.

Unique Hand-Drawn Coachline ©MrPorter

The Interior was also special order with Olive Leaf leather and Dalbergia Brown piping, together with Dark Oak dash finishings, this was instantly special.

Int i3- Copyright Guido ten Brink SB-Medien.jpg
The wonderful Interior of the Mr Porter Edition. ©GuidotenBrinkSB
i3 Porter dash badge
The unique Dark Oak wood finish with leather edgings. ©MrPorter

A Nice cherry on the cake was the package that came with the car. This comprised of an MR PORTER Essentials Travel Kit that consists of a BMW i leather holdall and four items Exclusive to MR PORTER: a black and white London undercover umbrella, a special edition Leica camera, Cutler & Gross sunglasses, Lock & Co Bowler hat and a bespoke edition of Phaidon City Guide Book.

i3 Porter Travel Kit
The Mr Porter Travel Kit with the BMW i3 Edition. ©Mrporter
One of the Original UK cars at a PGA event for Hilton Hotels in 2017. ©hilton hotels

Ok, the numbers… well it seems initially it was to be Limited to just 10 cars worldwide!

Well, the final sales figures seem to be just six cars, with just 4 remaining in the UK, making it one of the rarest ever produced cars, recognised by BMW.

i3-Mr-Porter Badge

If you know anything more about these cars please get in touch, much appreciated as ever!



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