The Maserati Ghibli Cup Edition is a rare number and certainly now stands as a classic in its own right.

The Ghibli had run its course as a model and this final version was the run-out edition. Although the production of the GT, with which this model was based on, continued until 1998 although later with a 2.8-litre engine instead of the 2.0-litre until that was in the Cup edition. The 2.0-litre still produced an impressive 330bhp.

ghibli-cup ©richardgrace-1
Blu Spazilae Ghibli Cup Edition ©RichardGrace

Externally the Cup Edition was identified by having different 5-spoke split rim wheels, different single exhaust pipe outlets, unique door badging and alloy fuel cap. Interior featured carbon finishings, Momo Steering wheel & alloy Gearknob & pedals.

An Interior option of the Ghibli Cup Edition ©RichardGrace

During the sales of this car, the only appointed UK dealer for Maserati was Meridien in Lyndhurst. They imported 150 Ghiblis in total and that included the full total of the Cup cars at a price of £47,500. Later on, Maranello Concessionaires took over and sold a further 17 GT UK cars in 1998, which were the final collection of bodies left at the factory after their refit in anticipation of the forthcoming 3200GT model.

cup-Azzuro Glass
Azzuro Glass, is 1 of the 4 shades of blue on UK cars. ©enricosmaserati

A total of 26 Cup Edition Cars were sold by the UK Importer. The UK colours vary quite nicely among Grey, Blue, Silver, Red, Yellow, Black & Green. There are 4 different shades of blue, two different types of red, and two different Greens. There are a couple of cars in unique colours and specs.

cup-Sprint Blu
The only UK car in Francia/Sprint Blu ©enricosmaserati

Of the RHD cars, 3 are in Grey, 8 are in Blue, 3 in Silver, 11 in Red, 2 in Yellow (One has been scrapped though) 1 of the Yellow cars was the last UK RHD to sell new, 2 in Black and 3 in Green. This makes a total of 32 RHD cars. Two being Australia, with a possible 4 others coming back to the UK from RHD countries.  They all came with various interior leathers for each colour, some black, red, or cream.

Full Black Leather in a Red Cup Edition ©pistonheads/ownersrights
Silver. ©Daniel Zerr
An original showroom setting from 1997 with a Cup in Grigio Touring Silver ©Daniel Zerr

For the best Information and a complete insight, a superb site, Enrico’s Maserati Page is dedicated to a love of Maserati and the ‘Cup Edition’ is worth a visit… go to it here

Here are some old adverts for ‘Cup Editions’ for sale…

An original Advert by Nelmes of Romford, for one of the Red Cars in July 1999 ©NelmesLotus  
Ghib cup adsIMG_0028
One of the Two Yellow cars for sale at KinseyJones in the late ’90s. This seemed to be for sale forever at the time! ©kinseyjones/AutoTrader
meriden ad
Spot the mistake… 5 Cars for sale from Meridien in 1998, although one is advertised as a cup is, in fact, a 96N registered 285bhp car… so just the 4 of the 26 cars here. ©meridien/Autotrader
Ghib cup adsIMG_0027
An Iron Grey car from 1998 was advertised at sole importer, Meridien Maserati. ©meridien/Autotrader
Here’s an advert from May 2003 for a red one with 60k, advertised in Hinckley, Leicestershire ©topmarques

Ok – More adverts and search of the car in the coming months… sign up for updates!


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