To mark the launch of Overfinch in North America, A truly unique one-of-one Manhattan Edition Overfinch GT was made, showcasing what was possible for this new American market. This then gave the team at Overfinch the mission to create a unique, one-of-one Overfinch of unparalleled design and craftsmanship, for release in the UK. This became the ‘Overfinch London Edition’

The ‘One of One’ London Edition Range Rover Overfinch  ©Overfinch

The London Edition was first launched in October 2016 at a whacking price tag of £250,000. Being one of the most expensive known Range Rovers ever to be made, this was the ultimate showcase of the Overfinch brand. And released at a time when ‘bespoke’ was starting to become common ground. Overfinch had to make its mark.



The ‘Manhattan Edition by Overfinch. One of One for the US Market. ©overfinch


A similar high class finish in the ‘Manhattan Edition’ proves the extent of workmanship that overfinch beholds. ©overfinch


So before you roll your eyes about an aftermarket company doing up a car that’s already been done, hold on… I agree. Some of these think they ‘restyle it in their style-design-house’ for the better. Problem is, its a case of tar-n-brush for Overfinch, they’ve been given that same ‘vehicle-body-over-styling’ label tag that other aftermarket firms have taken to a length of incredible disgust and with utter tasteless results, all in the aim to outdo the competition. I’ve personally not seen one that has done a better job than any original carmaker hadn’t already achieved. And this is where I have time for Overfinch.

holland No9
This is what Overfinch does… Overfinch Edition from 1999 – The Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition. ©Overfinch


Remember Overfinch has been around since 1975 in one form or other. Carving out a quietly respected image for many years, until that wasn’t enough to survive in a changing market. The company has since been through the administration loop a couple of times but always persevered and remained in the market. Which must mean something…  So of the more current years, the company has perhaps altered from upgrading the underskin of the car and mainly spending its time on the outside and inside for visual effect, but if ‘some’ of the effects are questionable they are of a high standard. The reason this edition is being featured here is its rarity, bespoke finish and the future flag of it being one of the ultimate Range Rovers in existence.

Here’s a brief summary from the original launch of the car;

As a sister vehicle to a celebration of North America, London was chosen as the theme for the interior that would redefine the levels of luxury found in an Overfinch. The world famous buildings, cultural monuments and even the London bus became references for the artwork that was created.

overfinch london int
Superb finish with Solitaire design with bridge-of-weir hides ©overfinch

Exposed, visual grade carbon fibre accents were added on the side vents, tailgate and front and rear aero packages. To add visual depth alongside the Balmoral Blue paintwork, grey lacquer tinting was hand applied to the carbon during the curing process. Bright Chrome metal work with sand etched inners lifted the car and complemented the diamond turning on the forged 22” Tora wheels.

Over 340 man hours were spent crafting the unique interior of the Overfinch London Edition.

Overfinch London dash
The finishing touches of Overfinch London Edition ©overfinch

Using traditional techniques that date back to the 16th century, our craftsmen tinted, shaded and layered many hundreds of wooden veneers, metals and mother of pearl pieces to create the 3D effect found in imagery that references the iconic aspects of London. The roof of the British Library, the Gherkin, London-Eye, Big Ben and even the red London bus were featured.

Overfinch Dash
The exquisite marquetry that sits on the front dashboard. ©overfinch

The seats, doors, roof and dashboard were all trimmed in the Overfinch “Solitaire” design, using Bridge of Weir hides. The cirrus hides contrasted with blue stitching and micro piping. For added opulence, contrasting leather-bound carpet mats were installed throughout the vehicle.


Stunning… The London Edition Interior ©overfinch

As a finishing touch, engraved illuminated tread-plates and finishing plaques found hidden on the door pillars and engraved into the gear selection plinth were added, the mark of a true Overfinch bespoke vehicle.



So where is it today?


London Edition2 ©www.howmanymade.co.uk
Here is the very car. Suitably at home in a stunning location. ©www.howmanymade.co.uk

So this is a simple track down of the numbers… it is One! Yes, a total one-off. And I believe needs adding to the howmanymade hall of fame. I have seen this car in the flesh and before any judgment is made, you do really need to see it.

It was first registered to the north of England and after various car shows and promotion, it went to an owner for a couple of years. It came up for sale in early 2019 at Saxtons 4×4 in Essex for the first time as a used car. It is now being used as a daily car.

London Ed. Overfinch ©saxtons
When it appeared for sale at Saxtons4x4 in March2019 ©Saxtons/howmanymade

LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW ANYMORE ABOUT THIS SUPERB EDITION AND IT’S LIFE! Also, any news and the life of the Manhattan Edition – Let me know.