Bentley Continental SC

The SC was released to the public in September 1998. The SC stands for Sedanca Coupé, a format Bentley had done from as early as pre-war cars of the 30’s. These are now highly desirable in the world of Bentley, a trend that continues to their last SC of 1998, which is featured here.

Sc press
One of the Original Press Photos

The car was released as part of the two-door family of cars that Bentley made in the mid to late 90’s, creating a more sporting image. Together with the Continental R, T & Azure this was the final incarnation with it’s removable glass roof panels above the driver & passenger, a style arching back to the early years but now with modern technology & immense power, with their red badges to show it.

bentley-continental-SC flame Orange. 1998. Ex Motor Show
The Original British Motor Show car in Burnt/Flame Orange – @P&A.Wood

Although no ‘Limited’ numbers were originally given on it’s release, it was never going to be a mass produced car and were built as required. At a starting price of £245,000 they were never going to sell in large numbers either, add a few specialist options and they were nearer £275k! Two Styles of Dashboard we’re available, in Turned aluminum & Traditional Walnut. Both a Personal Choice. A full range of Mulliner options were available too.

SC inside
BENTLEY SC with Alloy  Machine Turned Dashboard
Cont SC Verdant
BENTLEY SC with Walnut Dashboard

The original Press Release emphasises the essence of the Style & Performance of this new model. And was issued featuring the other cars in the two door family within it’s pages. The car was first seen publicly at the British Motor Show that year, by the end of the first year it was said around 35 had been ordered. Bentley had been really struggling sales wise up to that time, this was quite an achievement. The brand now owned by VW group.

Very Rare Original Press Release Pack.


Here is the Original Brochure, Price Guide & Handbook Pack…



Total Sales for the Model from start to finish was:

Worldwide sales: 73

LHD Sales: 48

RHD Sales: 25    UK Sales: 23

2 RHD in 1998 / 23 RHD in 1999 / No RHD Mulliner Versions.

1 RHD Car in Australia (from the 1998 quota of RHD cars)

I think I have all the UK cars with their colours, just need to put them together. I have all the VIN numbers so it’s a case of colours to VIN’s





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