ABARTH 695 Edizione Maserati

The Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati has become one of the rarest cars in the UK and even rarer in RHD. And not many people know about it.

Abarth 695 Maserati
695 Maserati Edizione in Pontevecchio Bordeaux.

The Abarth 695 Maserati Edizione was released to the public in the Pontevecchio Bordeaux colour at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012. Although it was officially presented in May at the Automotive Giro d’Italia. It was originally planned for a showing at Geneva Motor Show in the March of 2012, but it seems a delay or change of plan changed that at the last minute, possibly delayed to coincide with the Abarth Fuori Serie programme being released later in the year. Even the original name of ‘Tributo Maserati’ was changed to “Edizione’ before its official release. The Grigio Grey edition was shown a year later at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013.

Here’s a Quote from the original Press release;

The highest customisation level – definitely “all inclusive” – is the world of Abarth Specialties. In Paris, it is represented by the 695 Edizione Maserati, a concentrate of sportiness, class, and performance produced by Abarth and Maserati. The world of Specialties is making its official début. This sector is the ultimate level of customisation combined with the exclusivity of a car built for and dedicated to every single customer. “Abarth Fuori Serie” is the new programme that represents the point of arrival of a path Abarth has been travelling in recent years with the aim of increasing the possibilities of choice and customisation for its customers more and more. This exclusive programme is where customisation starts from performance, consistent with the brand’s spirit. Only the “Fuori Serie” – special production – cars will have the 180 HP engine tuning and will feature the exclusive 695 brands. Exclusivity is also found in the production process since all the “Fuori Serie” cars will be developed, produced and type-approved at the Abarth “factory of victory”.

Maserati - l'Automobile_de_Paris_2012_
The launch of the 695 Maserati Edizione in the colour of Pontevecchio Bordeaux at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012  © original owners rights.
Maserati 695 Launch Paris
The Launch of the 695 Maserati Edizione in the colour of Pontevecchio Bordeaux at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012  © original owners rights

The Abarth 500 started the run of cars, this became the 595 and then with the introduction of the ‘Special Series’, they were given the moniker of ‘695’, meaning all the 695 cars were numbered Limited Editions.

One of the problems with a ‘ Limited Edition ‘ can be, it’s just a marketing trick to sell a few extra cars. But this wasn’t. It wasn’t a quick flash over of stickers and fancy extras, this was a real Limited & Special Edition with some interesting and unique features, starting with the colours, unique to this Abarth 695 Edition. Following on from the popular 695 Ferrari Edizione a year before, this was a showcase of what was possible from the new “Abarth Fuori Serie” by Abarth.

With the Special features that were added, from unique badging to an upgraded gearbox this whole car was given the full treatment of tricks & treats. Unique floor mats, Special handbook supplement, Embossed 695 emblems for the headrests, Numbered plaque, Unique colour, Special Monza exhaust, Carbon style dash trimmings and so on… And of course, not forgetting an upgrade for the engine by Abarth/Maserati engineers to 180bhp, which is part of the “695” edition heritage, together with Brembo brakes

695 Maserati book
The unique owners’ handbook supplement

Fiat chose a bespoke Maserati colour called Pontevecchio Bordeaux. This colour from Maserati is achieved with special three-layer paintwork which reflects light and accentuates the shine of the colour. The electrically controlled soft top is made of a titanium grey fabric. Then adding the Stunning Maserati Trident Neptune Alloy Wheels from the GranTurismo GT and reduced them to 17″ to accommodate the 695 arches.

Even the Monza performance exhaust tailpipes were changed to a hexagonal design – like the Maserati. Also standard were Xenon headlights with headlamp wash, plus spots & fog lamps.

Some of the Special details of the Interior; unique Sand leather, two-tone leather steering wheel, Jaeger instruments, Alloy pedals, Carbon finish dash panel…

On entry of the vehicle, strong chrome detailing of the door handles give a certain quality that repeats on the handles on the inside, then the sills are graced with carbon-fibre kick plates with ‘Abarth 695 Maserati Edizione’ graphics just to remind you where you are…  Inside the 695 Maserati Edizione, the seats were finished in a unique Sand Poltrona Frau leather, with a two-tone leather flat-base steering wheel, special design Jaeger LeCoultre instruments dials and aluminium foot pedals.

Additional unique features are the dashboard and gearbox trim, distinguished by a special matt-finish carbon lining, further enhanced with the 695 logos. Each edition also came with a unique indoor car cover with the ‘ 695 Edizione ‘ gracing it.

© ©paultabarth
The unique Indoor car cover with 695 Edizione Maserati Emblem on the top and sides. ©howmanymade

One of the sweetest additions was the bespoke luggage that came with the car, complete with an Abarth tag. Stunning Soft Leather bags, made by legendary Italian luxury leather & luggage company ‘Tramontano‘ of Napoli – If you wanted to buy these separately, they retailed at over £600 each! This was a series of specialist luxury luggage sets, the two companies worked on for the Abarth 695 Fuori Series Editions, the 695 Ferrari Edition featured similar luggage set beforehand. Hardly any of the UK cars have their luggage when they come back on for sale used, most probably kept by the original owner and some never even made it to the car originally when new…!

Maser Luggage
The unique ‘ Tramontano ‘ luggage for Maserati Edizione.  © Abarth Israel

The Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati’s touring credentials are enriched by the specified JBL car audio system custom-developed by HARMAN, with 6 speakers and an 8-channel amplifier supplying 400 W of total power.

Maser695 -The full Kit
A Rare shot of the full Kit that came with the 695 Maserati Edition, including special floor mats, Luggage, Emergency Kit, Car Cover in bag & Car Care Kit ©GarageEst


Abarth 695 Maserati grey
Rare RHD 695 Edizione Maserati in Grigio Record Grey @ Romans International 2015 ©RomansInternational

OK, the ‘How Many Made’ numbers; 1 of 499 worldwide in Pontevecchio Bordeaux and an additional 50 cars in Grigio Record Grey. The initial release was in the Bordeaux colour then a second release in the Grey. A maximum of 20 vehicles came to be available for the UK in RHD with the Bordeaux finish.
One of the few UK cars ©
©chanan yod, may2013 copy.jpg
Two of the original RHD Asia cars in May 2013. ©chanan yod

Now, these cars are very rare in the UK. The official total number of registered cars ‘via’ the UK seems to be 17. However, a few of them don’t have ‘695 Maserati Edizione’ on the logbook. They were simply registered as ‘Fiat 500’ or ‘Abarth 500’ tag on their logbooks, so they blurred into regular sales numbers, it’s a common occurrence with a lot of cars.

It seems two or three of the UK cars may have been for export, as three cars have different VIN numbers that don’t add up, these may be have been registered via the UK and sent to Asia/RHD countries.

A few were distributed to Asia countries from the UK batch, imported by private companies, but these may not have been registered in the UK. Rumours of some Initial cars being used within a couple of the UK Maserati dealers, as service vehicles are unconfirmed, this seems to have happened abroad, if it ever did. One of the UK cars was also used within an exclusive hire car company in London, as a show car.

And with that, the Bordeaux Edition, It is thought only 15 UK Cars remained within the UK network for sale. There are 2 RHD cars in Guernsey, although one car has now come to the UK. 1 RHD in Jersey.

In total there are 7 UK cars in Grey. There is 1 RHD Grey car is in Thailand that is No9. This is possibly from the UK allocated number of cars. Some of the remaining UK numbers of the grey cars are No38, No16, No34, No7, No15, No35 (possibly a re-imported car).

I have a total of 27 RHD believed ‘UK’ cars in the register, of both colours, Still searching for confirmation on the import & RHD export vehicle numbers though… also a Grey one that’s a possible import, also some of the Asia RHD cars come from the UK numbers. One of the issues with confirming the actual numbers is with the initial registering of the vehicles when they entered the UK. As mentioned before, some of the cars were simply classed as ‘Fiat’ and some as ‘Fiat 500’ – but tracking the cars down is what I try to do… so still searching.

dick lovett one.jpg
An Original UK car in Bordeaux. This being No35. ©DickLovett

All cars came with a numbered plaque below the centre console. These have 001 to 499 range for the Bordeaux edition and a plaque from 01 to 50 on the Grey edition. Although limited to 499 in the Bordeaux colour, it’s possible only 480 actually sold worldwide and there were just 49 cars in Grey.

There were 40 RHD for Australia. It’s known at least two of those have been written off.

There’s 6 RHD for Asia countries.  It seems there is just 1 RHD in Singapore, went via the UK and was possibly used as a service car for Maserati. 3 RHD in Malaysia. There are 6 RHDs in Thailand. In Japan, they were given 100 cars. from the 499 quotas, these were all LHD vehicles, although It’s possible 3 UK / RHD cars went there. It’s believed only two cars were sold in Denmark, both LHD. There is one in Cyprus, possibly a UK car, which is RHD.

As many as 40 RHD exist for the ‘RHD markets’, not including Australia., most of these went via the UK and were distributed to RHD markets. There are 3 LHD cars in Turkey and 5 LHD in Israel. It seems there is now only one Grey one in Ireland, which is one that came from London, there were two but one which is an original ‘Irish’ car has now come to the south of England. In total around 250 Bordeaux Cars were destined for Europe in both LHD & RHD formats.

No499 of 499
No3 Israel. Grey.jpg
This is the plaque for the Grey Edition,  hence the 1 of 50. This being No3… a car that is in Israel. ©AbarthIsrael
Abarth Maserati.
This is a UK car with very low mileage, 1900miles. One of the lowest known examples of UK cars at the time, 2019. ©lussoprestige
Uk Car Grey
The most recent ‘Grey’ UK car to come to market in March 2019. This had just 7k miles on it a the time of sale. ©Dick Lovett


Tech Spec Maser 695
Original Tech Sheet for the release of the Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati. This is for LHD cars, as it features SatNav.
Three newly Delivered RHD cars for Asia, in May 2013. ©chanan yod
Thailand Car. ©
One of the 6 Known cars to be in Thailand, that went via the UK. ©howmanymade/donvatanatham

And so the search continues… Do you know of any? I’m interested in RHD in other countries. Also interested in the numbers of any country. Let me know what you know. Any help would be much appreciated – thanks

Go to; to view or register your car.

Copyright ©howmanymade


MORE COMING SOON! With the UK numbers and more details… This is being updated all the time…


If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I spend doing research to get correct information – Regards, Mike.

23 thoughts on “ABARTH 695 Edizione Maserati

    1. Congratulations on your new purchase… only a handful of UK Grey cars. I went to see that one when it first came up for sale, lovely condition. Don’t believe it had the luggage with it, like most of the UK cars didn’t, strangely… Do keep in touch, new details being added to the website all the time – Mike.


  1. Hi
    We have owned one of the Pontevecchio Bordeaux colour cars from new
    This is a very informative & interesting article

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Buonasera, ho trovato interessante l’articolo pubblicato. Sono il fortunato possessore di una edizione Maserati della serie grigia, completa di tutti gli accessori (borse comprese), e vi posso garantire che è una sensazione unica guidarla. Il problema è che avendo espresso questa mia emozione in famiglia, i miei figli me la chiedono spesso per uscire… Finirò per venderla.


    1. Wonderful. They are a special car indeed, very rare in the Grey. What number is yours?
      Nice that you have the luggage and bit with it. You must keep it as your special car! – Mike


  3. We’ve had ours for four years now, bought it with one previous owner with 16.000 km on the clock. We love it and will most likely never sell it. There is only one thing that is disappointing and that is the JBL, it does really not sound like a 400w stereo, other than that, we could not love it more. It just have the ‘style’ factor that i.e. the Tributo Ferrari does not have.


    1. Hi there! And I do agree! Yeah, the stereo is great up to a point and then sort reaches its limit… but I can live with that in exchange of the ‘feel-good’ the car gives. What number is yours? And a country? I can add you to the register. (I won’t publish it on here) – Many thanks for getting in touch – Mike


  4. Hi Mike. Without doubt the best guide published and a testimony to the research you have afforded to this car. I have been interested in purchasing this rare edition for several years and close to making a move. Question is where are such cars for sale? Regards Peter Allen


    1. Hi Peter, many thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
      Well with the amount out there in the Uk, they rarely come up for sale now. Also, most of the owners now realise how rare they are and are now deciding to keep them. I’ve had mine for about 18 months and love it. I also try to use it in the summer months, despite worrying about the mileage but what’s the point of ownership otherwise! But I can contact you when I hear of one coming for sale – Mike


      1. .Good evening, first of all congratulations for your research, they certainly express a great passion for cars. I am the owner of an Abarth 500 Maserati edition the one presented in Frankfurt in 2013, produced in 49 specimens, commemorating the birth of Abarth in 1949. I would like to ask you if you can hazard an evaluation of this model given its rarity. Unfortunately I decided to sell it and I have already received several interests. Clearly the car is equipped with all its accessories and is in excellent condition. Thanks for the attention.


      2. Hi Giovanni, thank you for the kind comments. The grey edition is certainly a rare car. Was yours the actual car from the Frankfurt show? What edition number is it? If yours is the actual car then it would command a stronger price than a normal car. There is a strong following for these editions in either colour. Let me know more information- Mike


      3. Hi Mike, the car was bought by my brother in law in FCA, and now is registered to my wife.


  5. Hi Mike. fantastic work and research here if I may say so. I am currently looking very hard for a RHD car and not ruling out importing if necessary. So if you know or here of a Bordeaux car then I would be delighted to hear from you or anyone else. I will of course register my car with you once in ownership. Regards Peter Allen.


  6. Superb article – thank you…
    I have the grey version (purchased September 2014 from new)… love love love.
    I have had a little dink on him (not my fault) which I’m trying to rectify but having all sorts of issues with Abarth dealers confirming what colour he is and the paint finish as he has the special 3-coat paint – aarrgggh…
    I recently joined an Abarth Club and just love taking him out with all the other wonderful Abarths and showing off my unique, beautiful Edi!
    Thanks again for such a wonderful article.


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