PORSCHE 911 TARGA FLORIO – Mayfair Edition (991)

A Limited Edition, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Targa Florio and created by Porsche Mayfair via the ‘Exclusive’ Program in June 2015, this dealer being one of the few allocated as a ‘Porsche approved Exclusive dealer’ in the UK.

991 4S ‘Targa Florio’ Edition  ©top555 cars

These were approved by Porsche UK but didn’t get the full stamp as an individual model from Porsche AG, hence the logbooks show them as a 4S Targa… but it’s recognized as a unique model in its own right, for its extent of Exclusive options.

The Unique Signage of the Mayfair Targa Florio

This idea created other ‘Exclusive Limited Editions’ in Europe celebrating various Porsche Anniversaries, all approved by Porsche AG. These were in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Porsche Targa.

In Holland they had a limited collection of 15 cars in Gulf Blue, France got 15 anniversary cars in exclusive Black Gray custom colour scheme. Another 15 were made for Germany in Etna blue (a solid colour reminiscent of the 356 from 1960) and Italy had theirs as a special 30th anniversary in Gemini metallic blue, limited to 30 cars. In Luxemburg, the edition was limited to just 11 cars, selling 10 and Porsche Luxemburg keeping one, all finished in Scheifer Grau colour scheme  (that of Steve McQueen’s Porsche). Belgium got 10 cars in Grey, similar to Atlas Grey.

-4s-exclusive-edition gulf .jpg
The Gulf Blue for Holland ©ownersrights
30_anniversary Italy
The Italian 30th Anniversary Exclusive Edition ©ownersrights
lux side ed
The Luxembourg edition ©porscheLuxembourg
France targa Exc
The French 4S Targa ‘Exclusive Edition’  ©SportSysteme
The Belgium Edition ©L’art de L’automobile

But the UK cars were given the full ‘Porsche Exclusive’ in PTS Classic Silver with many classic touches, such as Fuchs wheels & the ‘Pepita’ dogtooth seats. Together with exclusive badging on the dashboard & Sills, only 10 were to be made for the UK market. With the addition of the X51 engine upgrade together with Ceramic Brakes, these were basically fully loaded with the exclusive option boxes virtually all ticked. They also came with a photographic build book. Interesting fact, outside badging wasn’t considered so the decal was actually made by printers up the road for the 10 cars as a ‘stand-out’ from a normal silver targa.

Exclusive Pepita dogtooth trim ©top555


They were basically a ‘dealer created’ car, similar to the Jack Barclay edition Bentley’s, BMW 3 series ‘Sytner’ Williams Edition from 2004 and even heading right back to the many editions of the 80’s by dealers to sell ‘sticking’ stock. Even OPC Hatfield did an edition of 5 on the carrera 4S, so this isn’t a new idea, more how appealing you can make the edition. So the difference here is this was of the recognition of the Porsche Exclusive division and OPC Mayfair being one of the specialist dealer in the UK.

One of the original UK cars ready to be collected in late 2015 ©howmanymade.co.uk

The 10 cars allocated for the UK sold over 2015 & 2016 and it’s believed they all live in the UK still. Since the launch, only a few have come back to market since release. Of the ten, 8 were sold by Porsche Mayfair, One by OPC Guildford and One by OPC Hatfield. It’s believed one resides or did in the Collection of Jay Kay, lead singer of Jamiroquai.

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