PORSCHE 997 GT2 RS (2010)

The Porsche 997 GT2RS. The Ultimate Porsche? The Ultimate 997?

One of the most exciting Porsche models of the last generation along with the 997 GT3 RS-4.0. This is the fastest Turbo version that’s for sure. This was the fastest road-going Porsche ever.

A full-page will be done for this car soon with loads of exclusive photos and all the edition numbers.

But for now, a quick update of details for the car. Every UK C16 car is different. There is one C16 car in a unique colour (which is now abroad) but the rest are Red, White, Silver, and Black as the main colours. A few had famous owners from new. The comfort spec is rarer than the Clubsport. One car has had the comfort spec changed to Clubsport. A couple of them had optional lightweight carbon wings. One UK car was stolen recovered. A couple of cars have had a hard life… but this is a car that didn’t exactly fly off the UK shelves, despite what ‘history’ says. They all sold quickly at launch with most coming back up for sale in the first year or so for about the same new price, but this had a great start at life and a boom price of up to £600k in the mad years and is now settling down for a future classic status life.

Figures for the UK cars have always stated “1 of 19 UK official cars”, even Porsche main dealers stated this. 1 of 24 is another figure depending on who you talk to… With 27 new registrations, a few of these cars would have been registered in the UK and then exported to other RHD countries, the final amount of UK cars is more like 24.

There are 75 countries that drive on the left so the use of RHD is fairly high if the sales aren’t always as great, so here is a list of Porsche Country build codes for RHD cars are: UK cars are always C16 / Japan RHD C18 / C26 South Africa / C23 Australia / C24 New Zealand / C45 Singapore / C98 other RHD countries such as Malta or Cyprus.

With a mix of RHD cars around the world including South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, and Asia the total build number of 500 cars made for the world markets, around 47 were made in RHD, as a rule, it’s usually about 10% of a total build.

There are 8 in Australia/New Zealand, in white, red silver, and black. 6 in South Africa. 6 in Asia plus a couple of UK cars.

All UK cars had to be registered before the end of Dec 2010 for a euro/emission ruling. All the UK cars I know are registered between October and December, most in the latter part of December.

A full write-up of this instant classic will follow soon…

If you have any information on these cars let me know, only the RHD cars are being researched due to the relatively high number made. Please get in touch with any information that I may be able to add.

I have researched these from the day they came out so have followed most of them quite closely…