An Interesting Car from the 1980s with a strange history… What started as a standard Austin Metro was fettled with by Frazer who teamed up with Aston Martins company Tickford, to produce one of the most ‘out-there’ Metro’s ever known!

Tickford Press
Original Press Car ©FrazerTickford

You could order the interior in ‘standard’ Connolly Leather of any colour, just about everywhere, dashboard, steering wheel, headlining, parcel shelf, you name it and some of the cars were. Also, the floors were finished in Wilton Carpeting throughout, this really was a special car from an era of when velour seats were classed as luxury.

tick metro
Original Press release interior photo. ©tickfordfrazer

However, most of the luxury items became an option on later cars. In the original brochure price list, most items from the unique wheels to the leather trimmings were all options. The Air Conditioning was, remote tailgate release, alarm, electric steel or glass sunroof, cruise control, rear spoiler, electric door mirrors and the choice of either wool or leather headlining and sun-visors. The dashboard was a special feature, with a binnacle of dials and a ‘stack’ stereo system, which was quite powerful in its day.

©tickford ownersclub.
Two original cars at the Tickford Metros at the Frazer Headquarters c1981 ©TickfordOwnersClub/Frazer/Tickford

The initial cars started with a base 1300 Metro. Although you could later have a choice between MG & MG Turbo cars, later on, to give more power.

tickfordmetro ©howmanymade.co.uk
Well here’s a photo no-one has seen before… my mothers’ original car in 1989. we owned it for about 2 years I think. It’s one of the original Frazer cars, most possibly the last made (not sure) – The last I’d heard is that this went to Portugal and spent its life as a racing drivers wife’s car. ©www.howmanymade.co.uk

The car we owned in the late 1980s was highly specced, with leather headlining, parcel shelf, glass sunroof and all the other tricks including cruise control! It was an amazing car in its day, an original real head-turner. If you know of the car or its destiny then do get in touch…

These cars were also marketed in the states with a sole importer, the adeptly positioned Ray Denwood of Wiltshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills California, for c$30,000! At least the image was right, however, just 3 in LHD form were sold. One has recently returned to the UK.

One of the original US LHD cars now in the UK. ©percivalcars
Tickford MetroIMG_0038
This is one of the other LHD cars at the Geneva Motor Show in 1982. Photo Credit ©PeterPaine/TickfordOwnersClub

In total 26 Full Spec Cars were built in all guises. The main colour choice seemed to be Silver, which was the base colour. Some were red, blue, green, brown. Any colour was an option at the time for £1,600. All cars were numbered on the small Frazer badge on the boot.

This build number doesn’t include the aftermarket body-kit finishes which were later available.

Tickford Styling.jpg
later on, you could add the look to your MG metro, which sort of diluted the original image a little ©tickfordpress
tick metro @ patrick collection. ©keith adams
The original Patrick Collection car edition. This will be the most original of all the remaining cars. ©keithadams

Of the number plates I’ve tracked down, there’s an odd sorting of colours and finishes. And the list isn’t complete yet;

FNG138Y / NUK1X / TRH656W / 717VZO / DUR220Y / WMJ141X / A228VDA………..

Here’s an original advert for an Arum White car at an official Aston Martin Dealer in April 1984. There’s a Blue with a red leather car, thought to be No17, this was an original Aston Martin show car. I’ve got an advert somewhere when this came up for sale… I’ll find it soon!

Of Course, the Tickford Owners Club is a great source for all things Tickford and well worth a visit here

Keep watching…. more to follow!


  1. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I’m surprised that as many as three cars were sold in the US.

    $30,000 in ’81 was Porsche 911 money – for a car that everyone would mistake for a Toyota Starlet, with parts and service backup that probably consisted of a photocopy of the final list of Austin America dealers from 10 years before that might still have a Hydragas pump along with the phone number of a Halfords whose manager was willing to ship internationally.

    I’m sure every one of the three who bought it had multiple other cars, though.


    1. Oh yeah, big money and quite surprising they sold any in the states at all… but you got it right, it wasn’t the only car those buyers owned, this was a toy to sit with the other 10+ cars in the garage I’m sure – Mike. (thanks for the link, much appreciated)


    1. Hi Richard – So you own them all! Only kidding. I think we spoke at the NEC once, you were stood with a silver car. Thanks for getting in touch, let me know if you have any more information to add to the site – Much appreciated, Mike


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