One of the Most Legendary Porsche Editions ever. From what will become the most desirable of the 911 series, the 997, this is the 911 Sport Classic.

porsche-911-sport-classic-2dr-manual-186828494-16 copy

Launched as a Limited Edition from the “Porsche Exclusive” Division, this became a feature for what was possible by them. From double-bubble roofline, unique colour and stripes, unique interior, duck spoiler and original style Fuchs wheels, all wrapped in a promise of just 250 available to the world.

Ironically, when it was first released it wasn’t the fastest seller, with a few lingering at dealerships for many months. Remember this was pre-bandwagon Porsche days… Today, there are replicas, the colour is copied on many 991 versions and the price is now around two times the original £141,000 UK cost.

All cars have Numbered Plaque, With their own edition number. This one is a USA car. ©rmsotherbys

All 997 Sport Classic’ was painted in the Exclusive colour ‘Sport Classic Grey‘. And all featured the Expresso Nature Brown finished Leather Interior, although finished in a unique design. The specialist features of this edition, which the Exclusive team at Porsche have kept unique to this edition, is the double-bubble roof and the duck-spoiler.

The Unique Interior of the Sport Classic ©LakesideCars

Now it depends who you speak to but there’s never been a figure of how many sold in the UK. The general truth seems to be Porsche has never really said… However, I’ve tracked around 27 UK cars, which is the prefered amount that is stated were sold. There are a couple of RHD imports that need sorting… I want to check the VIN numbers to get a near-exact figure. But I’m missing some dashboard edition numbers, if you know of any, please let me know to get the data correct

MORE COMING ON THIS SUPERB RARITY VERY SOON! Including up to date figures and many exclusive pictures!


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