Not to be mistaken for the regular ‘Ferrari Tributo’ of 2011 – this is the Ferrari Dealer ‘Service Car’ edition (Rosso Officine) of 2015 based on the 190bhp Biposto Abarth… These came with a ‘Not to be Sold’ clause for six months, but that rule became quite blurred with some of the UK cars. They sold for around £45k in the UK when they were ‘eventually’ sold.

695 biposto red

This being based on the mad ‘Biposto’ version, meant it was suitable as a ‘ Service/Loan Car ‘ for Ferrari Main Agents to their customers throughout the World. Limited to just 99 cars in the World. The defining difference between these and the ‘Standard’ Biposto, these only came in Ferrari Rosso Red but this colour was unique on the Biposto edition.

695 Officine
One of the few UK cars at Romans International in 2017. An original Graypaul car. ©RomansInternational

The interior is your ‘standard’ Biposto, stripped-down look, with lashings of Carbon Fibre. With Abarth Corsa Racing Bucket Seats by Sabelt with 695 stitching covered in leather and Alcantara with optional carbon shells & Carbon door cards with cloth pulls. Usual aluminium sporting pedals in a titanium finish. Also complete with the 695 editions of the ‘Numbered Plaque’

695 Officine Inside
Carbon City… ©RomansInternational

This edition sort of started as a ‘non-official’ car, such as it couldn’t be bought from your local dealer, but it’s now recognized as a genuine edition within the Abarth family if a little quietly! The Rosso Officine (translated as ‘Red Workshop or Factory’) is an instant classic! Talking of Factory, have a quick tour around the factory HERE 

Biposto Red Ferrari edition. LHD
They are all numbered from 1 to 99… this being one of the LHD cars.


They all featured the Factory fitted Akrapovic exhaust system which sounds incredible! Check the sound here on this UK car No 15

Here is No15 sat waiting for collection at Graypaul, Nottingham in late 2016 ©howmanymade

© Abrth 695 Rosso Biposto


It’s known 10 were available in Japan. It’s Possible 30 went to Italy… Possible 10 to Germany. A possible 8 in Switzerland., one being No27. Just 2 were sold and delivered to Australia, these are numbers 25 & 23 of the 99 cars.  No91 lives in Monaco. No1 is an Italian car, now living in Manila, Philippines. And number 99 is a UK car. Also, I’m sometimes doubtful at the moment that even 99 cars were actually produced worldwide… The reason for the ‘possible’ quote above, is I’ve only heard them figures for each car, from one source, so will have a definite figure as time goes on… the search continues…

And so for UK cars. It’s been ‘mentioned’ that the number is thought to be 14 UK cars. Although I think it’s less. Not every UK dealer was assigned one but the HR Owen & Sytner Groups had 4 of each. I know these 8 UK cars and have their VIN & Edition numbersSo currently, only 8 UK cars exist. 

The UK numbers so far are; No 09 / No 10 / No 11 / No 15 / No 37 / No 77 / No 88 / No 99

If anymore appear I will update this page but at the moment I’m awaiting confirmation on the ‘possible’ others… However, the same cars are the only ones that keep coming up for sale. If these other cars do not emerge, then this will be the rarest of all the current “695 editions” in any formats!


This is one of the UK cars being sold by Silverstone Auctions in March 2021 with a minimal 283 miles from new. This being No 11. ©AlanKennyPhotography25EAF64E-2A91-4E69-A911-A50E15582B67

Spot the carbon finish in the engine bay. These were certainly garnished with the lightweight look and when twinned with 190bhp made for an incredible small car. Infact, the Smallest Supercar on the road


Incase your unsure of what your driving…. 



With thanks to AlanKennyPhotography for these superb Photographs of No11.

The Abarth Biposto Rosso Officine is without doubt a Guaranteed Future Collectible. Why? It ticks every box for the criteria required to become one… The History & Affiliation with Ferrari. The Fastest. The Rarest, The Most Expensive and one trick which will keep it desirable, its bloody good fun!

Biposto red x4

Four in a row, waiting at HROwen…  ©Credit – Unknown please contact me if it’s your picture.



Keep coming back for more updates…


If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do to research the correct information – Regards, Mike.



    1. Can you please advise if your car has the edition numbered plaque? I recently purchased the only one that came to New Zealand but it is missing the plaque and I was told by the Ferrari dealer in Auckland that the two cars in Australia are also missing the plaque.


      1. Hi Gary, Yeah I have a picture of the No25 plaque when it was sold, this being an Aussie car. It’s very unlikely the NZ car didn’t have a plaque, more that’s it’s gone missing… maybe FCA can help you replace it… Kind Regards, Mike


  1. Hello,
    Just letting you know the other 695 Biposto Officine Rosso in Australia is car number 23 not 27. It is currently registered in South Australia.


  2. Hi, I have the car with the number 63, was in Switzerland but now is registered in Italy and is in my collection:)) … I have others Abarth but this really is the most beautiful , fantastic!!! Thanks to all.
    Best. Michele


      1. Hi Mike,
        Do you have a summary of the numbers and what countries they are in? Do you have many of the 99 cars identified? I’d like a copy of the summary of what cars are in what countries.


      2. Hi Robert – not quite… I have the UK cars but most the euro cars seem to move all over europe so keeping check is tricky. But still searching – Mike


    1. Hi Nick
      did you buy the Biposto in Frankfurt right?
      It had a crash in the front right back then.
      I was interested in 2018 and it has blue/white stripes correct?
      Cheers Robert


      1. Hi Robert
        No, i buyed the car in switzerland, directly from the ferrari ownership with 0 km on the clock 😉

        It must be annother car, sadly to hear 😦

        Cheers Nick


      2. Dear All,
        I am thinking to sell my Biposto Rosso Officine with 94 km, now is registered in Italy but come from Switzerland directly from Ferrari Kessel. Is the number 63. If someone is interested please contact me on my mail address:

        I have also Abarth 049 (the number 20)

        Many thanks in advance

        Best regards



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