“The Most Luxurious Mini Ever Made” was the catchphrase and it certainly meant it with this edition. Based on the recently announced “Mini YOURS” personalization programme by Mini, the Inspired by Goodwood was set to be the ultimate of Bespoke Editions. Now this isn’t a car that would normally be covered by howmanymade, due to its large sales numbers, but it has a twist that a certain colour choice makes it a contender for this site due to the overall numbers, it was made in. As you will see below, I took photos of the cars when new and kept a record of the cars as they came up for sale used.

MIni Goodwood
The Mini Inspired by Goodwood Limited Edition. ©ownerscopyright

But above all, it was such a special car that it needs a mention and keeps with the then current Luxury editions such as the Abarth 695 Maserati, Aston Martin Cygnet, Fiat 500 Gucci, Brabus Smart ‘Tailor Made’ Series, for a “Luxury / Bespoke” themed supermini, where the makers had realised there is a market for luxurious small cars, if only a marginal one.

Goodwood. Sept. 2012 ©
An Original UK car at Mini Swindon in 2012. ©howmanymade

This special edition Mini was similar to the current trend just mentioned, with everything about them being unique.

From 30th June 2011 customers were able to place their order with a price tag of £41,005, these had to live up to that Rolls Royce tag. When the first customer cars were to be delivered, almost a year later, BMW Mini presented a press stunt in April 2012, displaying one of the first cars built in the window of the iconic store ‘Harrods’ in Knightsbridge, London.

The Interior is finished in the exclusive Rolls-Royce Leather colour of Cornsilk, such as the Heated seats, lower dashboard, door panels, centre console. The Main dashboard and door handle surfaces are of Burr Walnut, premium wood trims bespoke to Rolls-Royce. The roof linings, sun visors and rear storage tray are all made of luxurious cashmere, with deep-pile lambswool used to make the floor mats.

Goodwood leather.jpg
The stunning ‘Cornsilk’ Leather detailing

The colours being original Rolls Royce Diamond Black or Reef Blue with Cornsilk Cream leather, Sheepskin over-rugs, Cashmere headlining, unique multi-spoke wheels… It was also available in Automatic & Manual, the manuals being rarer, but not necessarily more desirable. The engine was the twin turbo 184 bhp 1.6 from the Cooper S

The rare version was in Reef Blue, with just a handful being sold in the UK. This colour wasn’t mentioned in the initial marketing or press releases.

Reef Blue Goodwood.
The rare “Reef Blue” Inspired by Goodwood Colour

It was initially thought that it was never sold in this colour, as it was promoted in the exclusive Rolls Royce colour Diamond Black, mainly to stress the ‘Rolls Royce’ connection.

A trick was missed when they never did them as an Individual Numbered Edition, instead, a simple plaque stating ‘Inspired by Goodwood 1 0f 1000’ – It would have been a nice touch for sure… however, a unique keyring set came with the cars in some countries giving the cars edition number.

Goodwood Badge
The Interior Badging for the ‘1 of 1000’


Goodwood Park Lane. ©
Original UK Car at Park Lane, London in 2012. ©howmanymade

A selection of RHD cars was registered for ‘other’ RHD countries, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore, Guernsey, Jersey, Thailand etc… where its believed only a few arrived in these countries and these make up the remaining RHD numbers. Some were registered via the UK for export. Around 250 cars were made in RHD.

Total sales were 1000 cars worldwide. As stated in their respective press releases, there were 10 RHD cars for Australia. 10 RHD for South Africa, which I’ve only found 3 used for sale, all being in black and Japan had 90 RHD cars.

A total of 119 cars were sold in the UK. Although this information is from the .gov registered site, which is not always accurate it does show how many were legally registered in the UK at the time.  However, this may include some of the export vehicles that went to ‘Other RHD’ countries, so it’s possible that just around 100 cars remained in the UK. It seems about 28 Manual cars & 93 in Auto in total, which will include press cars & most possibly the original LHD cars used for promotion, such as the Goodwood car.

But it is the Reef Blue editions that are of great interest for howmanymade. Only 19 were registered in this colour in the UK, it’s possible 6 went to ‘other countries’

goodwood blue ©
This is one of the rare ‘Reef Blue’ editions at Park Lane which I photographed Christmas 2011. Terrible picture but tricky with it being close to the window. ©howmanymade


Reef Blue. Goodwood
A Manual UK ‘Reef Blue’ car… residing in Northern Ireland.

I HAVE A LOT MORE  ORIGINAL PHOTOS TO SHOW… And will sort more out on the UK editions in due course…

If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do, to research the correct information – Regards, Mike.