A genuine Mercedes rarity from the mid-nineties, the 124 series in AMG form. Available in Saloon, Coupe, Convertible and Estate versions.

E36 AMG - ©Aston Workshop copy
E36 AMG Convertible. ©astonworkshop

This edition being offered before the Mercedes/AMG marriage that didn’t happen until 1999 so for a long time, official figures never really existed of how many were made, so estimates were the closest you’d be given. However, over the years it’s believed that in its 4 variations of saloon, coupe, convertible & estate only 57 were officially imported into the UK.


These break down as;





Of course, these are calculated numbers of what has come about over many years of searching from different sources. Mercedes now act deaf & dumb to give out numbers for their cars, unfortunately, but a lot of figures were available for many years beforehand, so these are broken down from those days. Even Mercedes magazines used to print the ‘official’ number of cars sold in the UK.

What I’ve got planned for this page is rather than naming colours to models will be to show a list of old adverts when the cars were available from c1995 to 1997. So it will be ‘spot your car’ style. I’m still researching for this, but have about 30 adverts to date. Of course, there will be those that went to one owner and then not sold again until much later so won’t be included in this first initial batch of adverts.

E36 badge. ©astonworkshop

Here are a few adverts to start with…


Is this one of your cars above from adverts in 1998?

Here is E36 Saloon at Cruickshank (later to be Sytner) in Bristol in June 1996… Did yours come from there?

E36 ad. oxfordIMG_0025.JPG
Here’s one of the Coupe’ in Azurite Blue from Mercedes Oxford, c1998 ©autotrader 

MANY MORE TO COME SOON… Adverts & updates!



If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – It would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I research for the correct information – Regards, Mike.


6 thoughts on “MERCEDES E36 AMG

  1. Hi Mike, I have silver/black E36 AMG coupe, I bought my car over Ebay in 2011 and move to Czech Republic. Car is now waiting for new paint job.


    1. Hi Alexandr, thank you for getting in touch. If you have any more details ( I won’t display them on here) I may have old photos of the car and possibly old adverts for it. Let me know about its history. Many thanks again – Mike


  2. I noticed that you never mentioned any w210 E36 AMG cars?

    I have owned the 1996 w210 version for the last 12 years. There were 123 of this shape imported to the UK.


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