The BMW M4 GTS. Ultra-desirable, lightweight performance model has always been part of the BMW philosophy. These limited-edition M-badged cars always deliver the ultimate in sports-oriented design, power with efficiency and precise driving dynamics.

Together with Limited numbers worldwide stated of just ‘700 cars’ with just 30 for the UK.


With a number of the edition being split around the world, first indications of 300 in the USA being the greatest market. I’m still breaking down numbers of sales throughout the world. However, the real total number is of much discussion at present. It’s believed that as many as 803 were made for customers. And then additional cars of around 27 other prototypes and press cars. There was about 280 LHD Euro spec.  A total of 120 RHD for all RHD countries. The remaining total is made up of USA LHD cars, which would be around 400 cars. Although it seems more have been added to the total US numbers, including Canada. And the remainder is a collection of prototypes and press cars… official numbers will come out after a few years when values and depreciation isn’t an issue!

It is confirmed that the UK got 30 cars. Although whether the Press cars are included in the total run of UK cars isn’t known just yet. It seems probable from my findings that they were additional cars.

Three colours were available for the bodywork. As well as the exclusive Frozen Dark Grey metallic, customers could also choose from Sapphire Black metallic and Alpine White. A breakdown of the colours of the UK cars is at the bottom. The rarest colour worldwide was the Black Sapphire gloss finish.

M4GTS Frozen Grey.
M4 GTS – Exclusive ‘Frozen Dark Grey” (VIN 7710)

m4gts gloss black
M4GTS Sapphire Black @ Romans International (VIN 7708)
m4gts Alpine white
M4GTS Alpine White @ Millennium Heroes (VIN 7740)

Optional extras

Very Few options were available, even the Individual options never made it on any of the UK cars, as far as my research has shown. However, owners who wanted to further enhance the racetrack credentials of their M4 GTS could fit one option, the Clubsport package. It included a roll cage in Acid Orange behind the front seats, race-specification six-point harness and a fire extinguisher. This was a no-cost option and most cars had it fitted.

Further individual touches can be added as optional extras. These include BMW Head-Up Display with M-specific display, BMW Online Entertainment and Internet to allow in-car connection to online music streaming and internet access.

Finally, for UK vehicles, there was an optional Carbon Fibre Interior Performance Package, which adds the unique BMW M Performance Alcantara steering wheel with OLED race display and carbon trim as well as the additional Carbon Fibre trim around the DCT Gear Selector. The Carbon Fibre Interior Performance Package was available for £1,090. They all came with the GTS Suspension Adjuster Kit.

Adjuster Kit
M4GTS Suspension Adjuster Kit
M4GTS Brochure
M4GTS Colours
M4GTS Price Guide
M4GTS Spec
M4GTS Spec
M4GTS Options
M4GTS Prices

UK Numbers for the Colours;

FROZEN GREY: 15 (Including the Original Press Car)      



I have the VIN numbers which start at 7701 and goes up to 7763.

VIN numbers 01 & 02 were both Press cars.

Colour by VIN:

The 30 UK Cars

7701* Frozen Grey  /  7702* Alpine White  /  7705 Black Sapphire  /  7708 Black Sapphire 7710 Frozen grey  /  7714  Alpine White /   7715 Sapphire Black   /   7716 Sapphire Black  / 7717 Frozen Grey /  7719 Frozen Grey /  7722 Sapphire Black  /   7723 Alpine White /  7724 Sapphire Black /  7725 Frozen Grey /  7726 Sapphire Black  / 7727 Frozen Grey  / 7730  Sapphire Black  /  7731 Alpine White  / 7733  Frozen Grey /  7734 Frozen Grey  /  7736 Frozen Grey  /  7737 Frozen Grey  /  7739  Alpine White  / 7740 Alpine White  /  7741 Frozen Grey  /  7745 Frozen Grey  /  7746  Sapphire Black  /  7747 Sapphire Black  /  7761  Frozen Grey  / 7762 Frozen Grey  /  7763  Frozen Grey

You may note that this lists has 31 cars, It may be the first Press Car 7701 – isn’t included in the official numbers as ‘sold’ cars. The second car has been sold and is out there… or the Northern Ireland cars aren’t included as UK cars, but that’s unlikely… their VIN’s are 7747 & 7724… Only two cars went to NI. If the two Press Cars are extra then One car is still out there that I’ve not found yet… possibly somewhere like Jersey… The searching for more confirmation continues…

(*Press Cars)

Please if you Know different on any of the above facts, please let me know.

Other Countries

With the official number still being unconfirmed this is early reports of country customer quota;

Sweden : 9 / South Africa : 23 / Australia : 25 / Japan : 30 / USA : 300 / France : 11 / Germany : 80 /  China : 15 /  Canada : 50 / Hong Kong : 1  – Indonesia : 1 / Mexico : 1  / Norway : 1 /  Taiwan : 1 / Denmark : 1   Switzerland  : 10 / Poland : 3 / Russia : 2 /  New Zealand : 3 / Brazil : 1 (in White) /   More to follow…


If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do researching to get correct information – Regards, Mike.

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