MERCEDES C63 ‘ DR520 ‘

The Mercedes DR520 Limited Edition was a Limited Edition version dreamt up by the Special Products Division of Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands, Surrey.

C63dr520 = blackandwhite.jpg
DR520 in Estate & Saloon.  ©Mercedes-Benz UK

This was to be limited to just 20 UK only cars. Finished In Either Matt Black or Matt White wrap with a Titanium finish on the alloy wheels, a unique specification at the time. Inside the upholstery was finished in Leather and Exclusive Alcantara finished with red or white contrast stitching, including the dashboard and door cards.

DR520 Int.jpg
DR520 Interior. ©Mercedes-Benz UK
DR520 Special carbon door trim 1off
A saloon with One off Carbon Trim instead of Metal effect.

The base car was the powerful C63 AMG, now breathed on by the SPD boys featured the AMG Performance Pack Plus as standard, giving an extra 62bhp, up to 513bhp. Together with other engine ‘uprated tinkering’  the car had uprated brakes all round, seen by the red brake callipers.

dr520 nice
Gloss White Saloon

Of the format you could order, they came in Saloon & Estate format.

The DR 520 cost £9,995 above the standard C 63 AMG price at the time, making the DR 520 Saloon £62,430 and the DR520 Estate £63,680.  They were covered by a three-year, 60,000 mileage warranty.

The How Many Made figures…  well of the 20 vehicles sold… 15 were made in Saloon & 5 were made in Estate.

Of the 5 Estates, Two are in Matt White and 3 are in Matt Black. Jenson Button ‘used’ a Matt Black one. Also a black one is possibly wrapped White. One of the Black ones is now in Hong Kong. Leaving 4 Estates in the UK. There’s also a possibility that one of the black cars was originally white and wrapped black, making it 3 white, 2 black…

Of the 15 Saloons, I’ve not got a full register of them… I have number plates and VIN’s but a mixed reading of the colours to the cars… One of the cars is in New Zealand. Also a Black one is in Thailand… so of the 11 cars that I have recorded, there are 5 in Matt White, 1 in Gloss White, 4 in Matt Black and then one in Gloss Black! But a maximum of 13 Saloons are in the UK (Feb 2020)


Please drop me a credit /©howmanymade if this has been of help in finding, researching or helping to sell your car… Many thanks, Mike


18 thoughts on “MERCEDES C63 ‘ DR520 ‘

  1. I also have a white DR520 estate… I always thought 2 were white, and 3 black. Guess this confirms it!
    Soon to be up for sale…. owned for around 3 and a half years now

    Liked by 1 person

    I own a black DR520 saloon. I have owned the car for a year now. Rarely used, only at weekends. Great car.
    Love to see comments posted about this rare incarnation of the C63 AMG.
    Kind regards Phil.


  3. I am in New Zealand and have a DR520 sedan in matt white. I would consider shipping it back to the UK. Would be appreciated more in the UK then NZ. Lewis


  4. Hi I have two saloons , one in matt white and one in matt black both 2010 reg with plates nearly identical and I believe my white one is “car number 1” as I was told from Mercedes when it when for its last service and both low mileage .


  5. I have a black DR520. The original wrap has been removed, so perfect black paint revealed. Considering selling if anyone is interested?.
    Kind regards Phil.


    1. Looks like i,am the new owner of the said above car . Had a ceramic coating and other little bits sorted , would like to say car back to perfection . Regards Nick


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