MERCEDES SLK55 AMG ‘Black Series’ (171)

The opening of a shiny new AMG Performance division by Mercedes-Benz meant they needed a show-piece and that became their first ‘Black Series’. The Mercedes SLK 55 AMG ‘Black Series’.

Flair Arches, Carbon Roof… what’s not to like ©mercedes-benz

Now this is a tricky one… The one Black Series which has a question mark over it… it was not overly loved by the press, moreso as they’d never really got to drive one, but this is exceptionally rare. Initial reports suggested 118 of these were produced worldwide, although it seems only 100 were produced, with only a very few being RHD.

This was Raw, not quite the SLK 55 Track Sport raw, that is the extreme version and rarer, no this was more leather and carbon luxury than, fuel tanks in the boot and harnesses of the TS model…

Deliveries of the SLK 55 Black started in July 2007, At a cost price €107,000 euro this was by no means a standard bit of kit. These came with a wealth of extras including a full carbon fixed lightweight roof made by a Ski Specialist called Fischer in Austria – to lightweight wings with unique additional air vents to cool the extra sized brakes, to unique lightweight wheels, this was all about power to weight. Power that had been increased from 360 to 400 bhp via timing valves and a clever induction via a crazy exhaust. It seems the original UK cars were sold to Main Dealers to be used as a kind of promotional vehicle, I guess to show why a customer should spend almost double the cost of a standard SLK55…

SLK_55_AMG_Black_Series Press
The original UK Press Car 2007 ©Mercedes-Benz UK

It’s long been Believed only one came to the UK and that was the black Mercedes Press car… However, suggestions now state that 11 were sold. Now of this 11 RHD cars, 10 may of been dispersed around the RHD countries of the world… Now I’d love this is not be true, I so want this to be wrong, so please if you know different let me know.

The Short-Back & Sides Interior of the 2007 ‘SLK Black’ ©mercedes-benz

There was quite an impressive brochure issued for the car, as there has been for all the Black Series – have a look at it here;

So let the search begin… It’s now confirmed that there is at least one residing in the UK, it is Black with Black leather, same as the Press Car… more research is ongoing to see if it’s another one. There are a few out there with the full kit on. One ‘lookalike’ UK car was optioned from new with £21k with of ‘AMG Black Series’ options, this being in black with cream leather and a Silver one with red & black leather and a the full kit inc vents is on the road that looks identical. There may be many more like that out there…



More to come!


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  1. I have the black with cream leather with £21000 of black series options, it is an awesome piece of kit !!!


    1. Hi Dean – I saw it for sale, that really is a lovely machine. A bit of a future rarity I think too. Enjoy! Thanks for getting in touch – Mike


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