ABARTH 695 Biposto ‘ 133 Record Edition ‘

The original Press photo

Just 133 examples of this 695 Biposto Record were built for worldwide distribution. Only available in exclusive ‘Modena Yellow’ and embellished with ‘Tar Cold Grey’ trims,. With enamelled ‘695 Record’ badge on the side and aluminium bonnet are all standard features.

No42 - classic car show
No42. Uk Car at the Classic Car Show. ©
No57 thames
No57 at Thames, Slough. ©
No38.jpg motor village
No38. Later becoming a well-known car… At Motor Village. ©
No31 research
No38 at Research Garage… ©
Ally Pally No118
No118 at Alexander Palace Classic Car Show. ©

The Interesting feature for howmanymade is the ‘Numbered Plaque’ on the lower console. A limited amount of cars were issued in each country. All with the said plaque giving their edition number.

Italy No5 copy
No5 – Originally from Italy. A few cars have now moved around Europe. ©copyrightowners
No96 Italy lhd
Limited Edition Plaque… this being Italian
Bip Rec Germany. copy
Notice the Germany Edition had a small flag for the 10 that they received. ©ownersrights


The research I have done so far comes to these figures…

Now, these were only issued in certain countries. Apart from Australia they mainly reside around Europe;

Germany has 10 – all numbered from 101 to 111.

Switzerland was allocated 5 cars and these were;  25, 26, 52, 68 & 90 – Now it appears their original quota has changed and it’s more like 15 cars… 21, 53, 64, 70, 114, 120, 123, 129 and possibly 133! Now, there may be cars that simply haven’t sold in other European countries and have been to Switzerland, either way, they currently reside in this area.

Switzland garage Biposto record copy.jpg
Four of the original Five Switzerland cars! ©ownerscopyright

Italy has numbers, 3, 14, 18, 80, 96 & 100 among their quota… it’s possible that 50 cars are here.

Australia has 14 cars.

Spain was allocated 3 cars. The numbers are 34, 65 & 71

The UK cars were originally limited to 29 cars, however, this is open to discussion due to the registrations of some ‘export’ cars and as many as 39 ‘official’ cars may have been registered. This can be the original sales anticipated amount, these can sometimes be sent to other RHD countries.

So from my research by searching for and visiting many a garage to get the numbers… So the break down of UK numbers is as follows;

No 12 / No16 / No17 / No23 / No24 / No29 / No31 / No33 / No35 / No36 / No37 / No38 / No42 / No43 / No45 / No54 / No56 / No57 / No58 / No77 / No79 / No81 / No82 / No87 / No94 / No95 / No117 / No118 / No131

All but one of the cars were registered in 2016, six of them being registered on the cut-off date of the 31/12/2016… These have a ‘G**’ in their number plates. There is one 2018 car, No54. This went from the North East to the South over the two years, eventually being sold in February,  making it the last registered UK car.

When it was new… No43, An Original UK car. ©ownersrights

More to follow on this special Limited Edition Car… including a full write up. Please get in touch if you have one! Anywhere in the world. I have 78 of the world’s cars registered… do I have yours?



If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do researching to get correct information – Regards, Mike.


9 thoughts on “ABARTH 695 Biposto ‘ 133 Record Edition ‘

    1. Hi Brian – I believe its c25 UK cars… this includes the rare ‘full spec’ cars with the dog-ring, tacho, side windows, lightweight etc.. Kit, which it seems, less than 10 of them sold in the UK – Mike


  1. Hi there, I own No. 37. I live in the north east of England and purchased it in April 2018 from T.i.m fiat Nottingham.

    Kind regards



  2. Hello Mike, well done on all your research, I’m the owner of no.54 and according to your notes the last registered UK car which is interesting to know, purchased in July 2018 from a specialist dealer in Hampshire pre registered and with delivery mileage now sporting a personalised registration but was originally on a ’67 plate.
    Thanks for the info and keep up the good work, Clive.


    1. Hi Clive – Update! Yeah, I’ve found another one that is unregistered. There are a few standard Biposto unregistered out there and I’ve now tracked down another ’68 reg car… So as yet that’s just the two on a ’68. This is Septemeber 2018 – Mike


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