The Limited Edition Range Rover Evoque ‘ Victoria Beckham ‘ Edition.


Announced at an exclusive event in Beijing, China in April 2012, prior to the Beijing Motor Show, the Victoria Beckham edition was greeted by VIP’s and press from the world over, including Beckham and Evoque designer Gerry McGovern.

  • This was an £80,000 Special Edition Evoque featuring a hand-finished Matt paint surface with a black ‘floating’ roof, a classic Range Rover feature. Touches of Rose-Gold accents on the exterior and interior trimmings. Also with unique 20-inch gloss black forged alloy wheels. Limited worldwide to only 200 copies. And all came powered by a 2.0 Petrol Engine.

A launch photo of the VB edition in 2012 ©Landrovermedia


The vehicle also had bespoke luxury accessories, such as a four-piece leather luggage set which oddly didn’t mention the ‘VB’ connection,  also a hand-sewn leather wallet for the owner’s manual signed by Victoria Beckham.

Strange that so many ‘design’ details went into producing this edition and yet touches like a numbered plaque, or more unique saddle & black luggage with VB emblems would have been nice. Maybe more with the edition badging, what about a small VB badge on the front wings, that would have been a great touch. A lost opportunity… what do I know.


And let’s make this clear… Victoria Beckham NEVER designed the Range Rover Evoque! All that she did was advise the SVO team (which were then called ETO, Engineering To Order) of what she wanted on her edition – that’s it. I don’t ever recall her becoming the “Creative Design Executive for Range Rover” as discussed at the launch either. I believe that job goes to Gerry.

This Evoque VB edition collaboration was a similar situation as the Range Rover Linley was of 1999 – two ‘well-known talents’ in their field who used each others ‘connections’ to make a Limited Edition… It’s not unheard of. Some may say cashing in.  However, the situation was explaining to the automotive talent of Land Rover SVO how you would like your unique specced Rangie to be finished and “by the way, I’ve got all these ideas I want to use”.  All the design and talent remains with Land Rover. VB made some ‘design decisions’ – something she does as a fashion designer, doubtful you’d see her at a Singer sewing machine… (rant over)

Beckham Evoque Neil Warner

Of course, VB has never denied the rumours that she single-handedly  ‘designed’ the Evoque,  The thing is this Limited Edition she had made that graced her name, was a highly unique specced edition that will stand the ‘taste’ of time and become a prized collectors car one day.


The Interior, well from the Microsuede headlining to VB designed Mohair unique branded Floor Mats everything has a touch of class. The semi-aniline interior, which is a softer hide extends to the sides of the door panels and rear quarters. The seats are finished with a special baseball stitch in a unique Vintage Saddle Caramel Colour. Ebony soft feel paint has been used on the switchgear. Piano black veneer is used on the centre console, bezels, air vents and door handles. With Rose Gold for the more touchy areas, heater, gear select etc. A Meriden© 825w 17 speaker and state-of-the-art amplifiers create the special Trifield© surround sound.

A close-up of the finished baseball stitch on the VB aniline seats. ©landrovermedia

The piano black and rose gold centre console. ©landrovermedia

The overall interior look. ©landrovermedia

The Exterior, the Santorini Gloss Black finish on the roof is also used on the bonnet and side vents, the Range Rover lettering on the bonnet front, lower sill trims, exhaust endings, fog lamp surrounds and wheel arch trims. The rear lights and headlamps are made from a different non-stock material to add a slightly smoky finish. The exterior badges have a touch of rose gold to highlight the edition, maybe a touch too discrete… The front grill also had a subtle Rose-gold tint. The wheels are unique, a 20″ gloss black forged alloy wheel and rose-gold details, limited to this Special Edition.

Blink and you’ll miss it… the rose-gold tinted grill ©landrovermedia
The ‘gold’ touch on the Beckham badge, maybe needed an extra badge to highlight the edition ©landrovermedia

The Main Colour of the car was a first. This was the first-ever Land Rover to feature exclusive hand-finished Matt paint. A deliberate Stealth look was created in a dark grey. No name was officially given apart from Matt Grey.

VB Luggage set
The original 4-piece luggage set came with each VB edition Evoque. Sadly rather plain in ‘black’ with no inscription of the VB connection.

The luggage was based on the ‘VB luggage collection’ of the time, full leather, hand-stitched his & hers wheeled suitcases with matching washbags featuring microsuede insides as used on the headlining of the car and smoked chrome zip pulls finished in the same grey as the car. Nice touch that really needs to come with the car.

Let’s not dumb this down, it’s still got that special unique finish for why it’s listed here. The Exterior Colour was unique on launch but has now been copied to death and the sprinkle of interior and exterior is finished in Rose Gold. The overall additions to make this edition what it is made for an almost too discreet edition. These cars will sadly blend in with other normal Matt Wrapped finished Evoques for a while and thus will reduce their value and appeal to many. But let’s hope the majority of VB editions remain in the correct hands and come to the surface in later years to shine for their uniqueness and rarity.


So of the numbers, this edition was limited to a worldwide planned production of just 200 vehicles. However, from research, it seems that the number was never reached. It seems that only 120 sold worldwide, notice how many ‘Beckham edition’ parts are for sale ‘brand new’ (remaining stock), but it’s the UK numbers that matter here… and it’s rarer than you think. Only 5 cars were sold in the UK. Making it one of the rarest Land Rovers ever produced. The original “Victoria Beckham” car that she used came up for sale a couple of years ago and eventually sold. Just three of the other original cars have come up for sale since its launch. Leaving the one last car which is still owned by the original owners in the North of the UK. This is the last registered of the 5 cars. As for other worldwide RHD cars, I’ve simply never found any! Do get in touch if you have one.


Here’s the original Victoria’s car when it came up for sale in Jan 2016 with just 1400 miles on it and trial price of £70k! This later sold for closer to £55k which was still strong money.
Here’s the same car pictured above and below, above in May 2019
A poor picture but the only one I got. This was a one owner UK Dec 2012 car, previously owned by Peter Ellis (finance) sold in 2016 with 30k on it for £46k.

Please Get In Touch if you own one or know of one – thank you.


The original Brochure was handed out at the car’s launch, adorned with a signature from Victoria Beckham & Gerry McGovern on the inside covers. The later brochure, though still rare, was issued without the signatures.

The original VB Evoque Brochure. This has an original dust cover on it ©howmanymade
The Press Pack is a similar affair, but a smaller format although loads more info in it. It also has a media cd with it. ©howmanymade





If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to http://www.howmanymade.co.uk ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do research to get correct information – Regards, Mike.

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