The Limited Edition Range Rover Evoque ‘ Victoria Beckham ‘ Edition.


Launched in 2012, This was a £80,000 Special Edition Evoque featuring a hand-finished Matt paint surface, a first at the time for a Land Rover vehicle with a black ‘floating’ roof, a classic Range Rover feature. It also featured Unique Rose-Gold accents on the grille surround and interior trimmings. Also with unique 20-inch gloss black forged alloy wheels. Limited worldwide to only 200 copies.

Inside the seating had Vintage-Inspired Leather seats in Saddle/Caramel brown, again the Rose Gold-plated accents mixed with Piano Black lacquers and veneers, textured aluminium and mohair floor mats. Also a microsuede headlining, always a great touch.

VB edition interior
Unique Interior detailing of the VB Edition Evoque. ©landrover

The vehicle also had bespoke luxury accessories, such as a four-piece leather luggage set which oddly didn’t mention the ‘VB’ connection,  also a hand-sewn leather wallet for the owner’s manual signed by Victoria Beckham. Strange that so much ‘design’ details went into producing this edition and yet touches like a numbered plaque, unique saddle & black luggage with VB emblems and a touch less discrete with the badging, what about a small VB badge on the front wings, that would of been a great touch. A lost opportunity… what do I know.


And let’s make this clear… Victoria Beckham NEVER designed the Range Rover Evoque! All that she did was advice the SVO team of what she wanted on her edition – that’s it. I don’t ever recall her becoming the “Creative Design Executive for Range Rover” as discussed at the launch either. I believe that job goes to Gerry. If she is still involved with Range Rover then it must be as a sleeping partner, although more like coma than sleeping.

This Evoque VB edition collaboration was a similar situation as the Range Rover Linley was of 1999 – two ‘well known talents’ in their field who used each others ‘connections’ to make a Limited Edition… It’s not unheard of. Some may say cashing in.  However, the situation was explaining to the automotive talent of Land Rover SVO how you would like your unique specced Rangie to be finished and “by the way, I’ve got all these ideas I want to use”.  The number of times I’ve seen people state how she had designed the car – What! That’s like saying Project Khan designed the Range Rover or a new Aston Martin. No, no, no, they’ve taken a billion pound developed car and just popped a few add ons to it and this is much the same thing. All the design and talent remains with Land Rover. VB made some ‘design decisions’ – something she does as a fashion designer, doubtful you’d see her at a singer sewing machine…

Beckham Evoque Neil Warner

Of course, VB has never denied the rumours that she single handedly  ‘designed’ the evoque, I mean, who would. If there was a rumour about me being a great lover I’d never deny it either… (sadly there never has been one. I’ve just googled it) The thing is this Limited Edition she had made that graced her name, was a highly unique specced edition that will stand the ‘taste’ of time and become a prized collectors car one day.


So let’s not dumb this down, it’s still got that special finish for why it’s here. The Interior is a unique Saddle Colour, the Exterior Colour was unique on launch but has now been copied to death and the sprinkle of interior and exterior being finished in rose gold (all 3 things VB did request). The overall additions to make this edition what it is, made for an almost too discreet edition. These cars will sadly blend in with other normal Matt Wrapped finished Evoques for a while and thus will reduce its value and appeal to many. But let’s hope the majority of VB editions remain in the correct hands and come to the surface in later years to shine for their uniqueness and rarity.

VB Luggage set
The original luggage set which came with each VB edition Evoque. Sadly rather plain in ‘black’ with no inscription of the VB connection.


So of the numbers, this edition was limited for a worldwide planned production of just 200 vehicles. However, from research, it seems that the number was never reached. It seems that only 120 sold worldwide, but it’s the UK numbers that matter here… and it’s rarer than you think! Only 5 cars were sold in the UK. Making it one of the rarest Land Rovers ever produced. The original “Victoria Beckham” car that she used came up for sale a couple of years ago and eventually sold. Just three of the other original cars have come up for sale since it’s launch. Leaving the one last car which is still owned by the original owners in the north. This is the last registered of the 5 cars. As for other worldwide RHD cars, I’ve simply never found any! Do get in touch if you have one.

The original Brochure was handed out at the car’s launch, adorned with a signature from Victoria Beckham & Gerry McGovern on the inside covers. The later brochure, though still rare, was issued without the signature.

The original VB Evoque Brochure. One of two that came out for the car. ©howmanymade





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