The Wonderfully Strange Bentley GT by Zagato… very much a love it or hate it design, but certainly a rare an exotic car from 2006

A confusing set-up of how they were made and even more confusing, how much they cost!

GTZ uk car. ©RMAuctions
The Zagato designed Bentley GT ‘Z’ ©RMAuctions

Only 9 made worldwide and that includes one UK car.

The UK car started life as a ‘standard’ red GT, sold by JCT600 in Leeds, Yorkshire. It was then delivered to Zagato to have the Z treatment. Being finished in the Zagato colour green with a lighter green top. This was finally registered in March 2008.

It’s been quite a featured car in the UK and is used quite often. This became the only UK car converted and sold to the UK.

Zagato GTZ ©

More to come including the other 8 cars…



  1. One of these was on display at the recent NEC Classic Car Show on a dealer pitch. Odd looking to say the least, and given the amount of scuffs and dents, wasn’t a cherished model, which is strange given the rarity. Justin


    1. Yeah, I saw that. The owner actually uses it as a fairly ‘normal’ car, which for saying the rarity seems odd. It’s been spotted in many a different place – Mike


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