We are still fine tuning the site…


  • A Register of Rare & Interesting UK Cars… Ideally less than 100 have been made of any one model, of any make.

  • Factory Limited Editions, Cars with a Low Sales Volume or Late Registration, Special Order Colours, Unique Editions…

  • Here’s a Small Selection of Mercedes-Benz that is on File… How Many Made? 
  • Here’s a Small Selection of Porsche that is on file… How Many Made?
  • Here’s a Small Selection of Bentley that’s on file… How Many Made?
  • Here’s a Selection of Range Rover we have on file… How Many Made?
  • Here’s a selection of BMW we have on file… How Many Made?
All Pictures are the Property of Their Rightful Owners

12 thoughts on “We are still fine tuning the site…

  1. Still happy to provide details on the single 2006 model UK Holland and Holland by Overfinch in existence I own which was one of only 4 finalists under the bespoke category for the national awards at the land Rover Legends show in May 18.


  2. Mr Porter i3 ( Limited Edition 1 of 6 cars World Wide RollsRoyce BMW )

    I am the owner of Edition Number 1 of the 6 Cars Produced. My car was first owned by BMW UK as a show car and used at the TATE MODERN for Publicity ( SEE YouTube Tate Modern ) The car has the original number plate YE65 EWK and this is clearly SEEN in the Video TATE MODERN London. The car is the First Produced 001 of the 6 cars. This recognized by BMW UK with the chassis number. You can add any of this on your website. My name is

    Mark Edwards Photography ( London Professional Photography )


  3. Great site, only just stumbled across it whilst researching various 500 Abarths. Will the 695 Rivale which is about to have its production brought to an end be included? I have no idea how many have been made?


    1. Hi Andrew – Thanks for the feedback.
      Yeah in the future the Rivale 695C version will be added. The actual number made, started off (as so many do) being very limited, talk of 150, then 500… seems more like 5000 worldwide but the UK convertible seems to be the rarest at the moment, possibly c70 in the UK. So it’ll be a rare car as such. Made more desirable due to the look of it. The XSR Yamaha edition in Convertible, which I will feature one day, is much rarer, but it’s not the best looking edition! (IMO) But each to their own I guess.
      Keep in touch, thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated.


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