PEUGEOT 208 GTI ’30th Anniversary’

Ok so it’s not a supercar, but that isn’t what this is all about. From a rarity factor, it scores pretty well. Limited to just 100 cars in the UK. A total of 500 were to be made for the world.

The original press release stated there will be a choice of three colours for the 208 GTi 30th for the UK, 75 of the 100 cars feature the ‘Coupe Franche’ finish. Translated literally, this means ‘clean-cut’ and refers to the sharp, oblique line created where the two colours meet. The front of the car has a textured black finish while the rear features Rioja red. The Coupe Franche finish is an £800 extra. The remaining cars would then be broken down into Rioja red & Satin white finishes.

White 30th 208GTi
The Satin White finish on the 208 GTi 30th Anniversary ©ownersrights

Now, this is where the initial press release doesn’t quite add up… the numbers first promoted were ‘exciting and limited’ to 20 in Satin White and 5 in Rioja Red, other figures of 25 red & 15 white were given… all the remaining cars were finished in the Coupe Franche paint option. Why? Well, I have registered 48 White cars, all of them are different, with just a couple that needs confirming. And I have 21 Red cars registered, all being different… which does include one Jersey car. And including two from Ireland, but all UK RHD cars.

The Coupe-Franche Paint Option. ©peugeot

So possible reasons may be, the buyers wouldn’t spend the extra on the ‘wrap’ finish. Either way, the original numbers issued by Peugeot seem to be out by my calculations. Now the other option is there are more than 100 ‘UK cars’

There are 26 cars in Australia in RHD.

I’m also trying to gather the ‘Edition Number‘ so they can be connected to the plates & VIN’s I have.  I will update this page soon, with more findings.

Let me know what you think… Please get in touch if you own one and add the edition number – Much appreciated.


31 thoughts on “PEUGEOT 208 GTI ’30th Anniversary’

  1. The white 208 GTi 30th in the photo there is a UK model, the reason I know this is because I own it :p I bought it about 3 weeks ago, it’s a great car to drive, I’m loving it so far. Feel free to email me whatever you know about these cars as I’m quite interested too.


  2. My dad and i own 2 satin white 30th’, both 2015 cars. Great cars. I was informed that there were 5 red, 20 white and all the rest of the uk were coupe franche. Would love to know what you find out. Thanks.


    1. Hi – Yeah I’m finding a lot more than the original release information… If you let me know what your edition numbers are so to add the register I currently have, number plates would help too. ( Don’t worry – that information won’t be displayed on the website! ) Much appreciated – Mike


  3. After some research on our owners club, we believe closer to 1000 cars were registered worldwide, with one car numbering high in the 900’s that is UK registered, we did have a register (which covers all cars worldwide as best as we can find) but i don’t know who now has a copy of this, if you get in touch i’ll see if i can track it down for you.

    Personally i own number 142 – in white!


    1. Hi Craig – thanks for getting in touch. Yeah when I started registering, just the white & red cars, I presumed there were 25 & 5 respectively… however, that as I’ve found out is a long way off. But I’m still gathering any information I can, I’ve started so I’ll finish! I’m guessing worldwide there are quite a lot, c1000 sounds probably right. I have numbers 873, 884 as high UK numbers. The Australian cars seem to be low, 55, 71 are two white ones, which seems odd. Thought they’d be nearer home.
      Help towards a collection of UK cars would be good and towards giving the edition some creditability, any help is much appreciated. A link on the club forum even!
      I do have your car in the register, sadly I’m missing a lot of the edition numbers, only have about 25 of the red & whites but it’s more the volume built and sold for the UK I’m after at present.
      Thanks again & do keep in touch – Mike


    1. Hey Mike, I’ve just seen a Red 30th Reg no. SC15UPD and it’s number is: #628 covered 22,000 miles.

      Hope it helps! Sam


    1. Hey Mike,

      Sorry, I thought you were running a list of all the 208 Gti 30th editions in the different colours. As you’ve mentioned, Peugeot had originally announced that for the UK, 5 would be red (I have one!), 20 were white and 75 were meant to be red/black coupe franche but as we all know these haven’t become accurate figures. I wondered from your list that you’ve compiled, what’s the running total so far for each colour please!? Many thanks. SamC


      1. Hi Sam – Ok, of the Red cars, these currently stand at a total of 21 RHD… the White cars, currently stands at 47!
        Now these are RHD / UK cars (I believe), advertised or sold in the UK… so they’re maybe an odd car that’s the same one or not a UK one car but time will ‘out’ them. Hope this helps – Mike


  4. Anyone can help me out? I want to get some upgrades for my 208 GTI non-30th anniversary and I need the VIN of this model.


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