In February 2011, A New Saab 9-3 edition was made to celebrate the first anniversary of its independence from GM,  launching the exclusive Independence Edition of the 9-3 Convertible.


A Limited run of 366 examples were to be produced, one for each day during the companies first year of  ‘Independent’ production and then one extra for the start of their second year, with the company now in the ownership of Dutch Specialist Maker Spyker.

All the cars were finished in an exclusive colour of Amber Orange metallic paint and based on the ultimate Griffin Aero specification. All included a limited edition number etched into the rear panel visible from the side windows.

©SaabPress – No1 Press Car.

Now the Interesting bit… due to financial reasons within Saab & Spyker, the expected Limited Number was never achieved and the company subsequently closing.                    In total just 36 cars were made worldwide! Now any 2012 plate Saab is rare, but these go that one further. Only 14 RHD cars were produced, with possibly just 7 making it to the UK.


No35 / No34 / No24 are all UK cars… Still searching for other UK cars and more accurate details…



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