MERCEDES CL55 AMG ‘ F1 Edition ‘

Wonderful Limited Edition of the Sublime Mercedes CL55 AMG… This is the ‘F1 Edition’ One of only 55 cars for the world… just a handful in the UK.

Finished with flared front arches, special two-tone interior and carbon, up close it had a unique and wonderful finish.

CL55 F1 - uk car...,.png
All the UK cars seemed to have this finish of seats, rather than the sports bucket style.

The CL55 AMG ‘F1 Edition’  This was a Special tribute to the modified F1 Safety car that was used during the 1999 & 2000 seasons. The engine was a naturally-aspirated 5.4-liter V8 pushing 354 bhp. A new feature for this edition was it being the first road car to feature full Ceramic Brembo Vented and Cross Drilled Disc Brakes.

I contacted AMG in Germany at the time to ask details regarding the car and was informed that 8 cars were to come to the UK from a total of 55 worldwide. To date, I’ve only ever found three UK cars! Initially, it seemed 10 cars were heading for the UK market but that seems unlikely. In the original conversation, it was mentioned all the cars were to be finished in Silver. Don’t know whether any have been made in special order colours…

CL55 F1 - uk car..png
One of the few UK cars… this being No39

The most recent one to come for sale was the first one that ever came up for sale publicly, which was via William Loughran in 2001, a car he had advertised for quite a while… eventually selling and going to the North Lincolnshire area I believe. This came for sale recently in Manchester.



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