The most extreme Bentley GT to date. With a Limited amount of 300 cars worldwide and just 33 of them sold in the UK…

Unique in Light Grey Satin, A Geneve supplied car.

The UK Collection of cars were issued in White, the original brochure showed the car only in white with no real options.

The GT3-R Brochure
The rare UK brochure ©howmanymade

However, this is Bentley… so of course, any options would of been available at the right price I’m sure… So of the UK cars are mainly white. One or two were ordered in Black.

Uk GT3-R Black
One of the Black UK cars, this being originally supplied by Jack Barclay.

The most popular colour of white. ©
Here’s another RHD Black one in the UK… ©


A FULL WRITE UP ON THIS CAR WILL BE COMING SOON… including UK Colours and numbers…