The UK only Bentley Mulsanne 95th Anniversary. In 2014, Mulliner wanted to find a fitting homage to mark a proud anniversary for Bentley: 95 years of crafting and producing the world’s finest handmade cars. This became the very special Mulliner Limited Edition: the Mulsanne 95.

The first 95th edition sitting proudly at the Worlds greatest Bentley dealer, Jack Barclay. @ownersrights

So what makes this additionally distinctive? Well, for starters a walnut tree, deep-rooted in the heart of England, in the grounds of Fulbeck Hall, a fine country house in Lincolnshire became a significant part of the Bentley Mulsanne 95th Anniversary.

In 2007, The great storm of Britain hit, with fierce winds leaving many a toppled tree in its wake, including the beautiful Fulbeck walnut. Now, this is where the Mulsanne 95th comes into it. It was Bentley who rescued the 350-year-old root ball of that very tree and took it to their workshops in Crewe. From this unique Fulbeck walnut, a team of highly skilled crafts-people would lovingly create meticulous marquetry for the bespoke veneers of the Bentley Mulsanne 95. This rare and impressively enhanced Mulsanne was unveiled in London to celebrate Bentley’s 95th anniversary.

The Stunning ‘Fulbeck’ Walnut
The unique Leather ’95th’ embossed seating

Three bespoke colours were created by Mulliner for this edition; Britannia Blue, Empire Red and Oxford White. Each edition hand-finished at Bentley’s own paint shop, with each colour reflecting the proud heritage and British roots. The remainder of the car was ‘standard’ Mulsanne but with a few neat touches…

mulsanne 95th int- press
The unique Walnut created from the Fulbeck tree @bentleypress


The stunning attention detail and limited source of wood meant this £330,000 edition was going to be very special and extremely limited. Just 15 cars were to be made for the UK only. It’s believed one is finished in Grey or possible that an extra one was specially made for a customer in the north of the UK. Still need to confirm this, either way, this is truly one very special and rare car. *update April 2021, this is correct; one is grey and one which sold recently via Collecting Cars website is in Black Sapphire. I was told this information originally by JCT600 but needed confirmation. The grey one is believed to be owned by an avid Bentley collector.

95th Black Sapph.

95th bentley - black sapphire

Here’s the Black Sapphire car… strangely it doesn’t look any different from a normal Mulsanne… and that it cost £14k extra to have it in this colour has to be thought about. ©


A white one had been used as a HROwen chauffeur car for a few years.

So, this concludes that 13 of the cars are a mix of the original 3 colours, one in Grey (possibly, Dark Cashmere) and the Black Sapphire one, making the total of 15 UK cars.

A rare shot of the 95th at Bentley Leicester in 2014 @howmanymade
Bentley Mulsanne 95th Jack Barclay. ©
One of the 15 cars at the launch in Jack Barclay 2014. The photo was taken by ©

This is the UK Only Brochure with intro flyer. Nearly as rare as the car!95th ©

I have only managed to find only 5 of the 15 cars to date… help is certainly needed on this one…

More to come on this edition in due course… Mike



  1. Hi Mike. Did you ever find any more of these?

    Do you know how many of each colour were made?



    1. Hi James. I know a maximum of 15 were to be made available for the UK in the 3 colours… but as yet, I still search weekly and still no more have appeared for sale! This will be a rare one. However, I don’t doubt they did the 15, these type of cars rarely come up for sale, usually, the owner’s keep them as part of a collection, not ‘needing’ to sell them. If you hear of or find any info, let me know… Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated. Mike


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