The Mercedes SL65 ‘Black Series – This insane SL, boosted with a crazy 670bhp AMG Bi-turbo V12, was a 200mph supercar, pushing the boundaries of the AMG badge to the max. This version was developed in the newly created AMG PERFORMANCE STUDIO which was a division of AMG, showcasing the cars their newly devised department could create, with an ‘Anything is Possible’ attitude. The ‘SL 65 Black Series’ was the pinnacle of this ethos.

The extraordinary engine specifications made the SL 65 AMG Black Series the most powerful AMG model at the time, helping to produce a unique performance data: 3.9-second sprint to 62 mph; a top speed of 199 mph, and even that was electronically limited!.

SL65 AMG Red- SA
SL65 ‘Black Series’ in Red. This being RHD but from South Africa  ©ownersright.

Strange to think of the word ‘Limited’ being associated with anything around this car, but as well it’s top speed being ‘limited’ to stop it taking off, it was also production numbers, to just 350 worldwide. And touching £250,000 in the UK!

Another unique feature would be the roof, which is a completely new design made from a lightweight ‘carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic‘ (CFRP). Not only did it have an integral roll-over bar but it no longer had the typical SL Vario ‘convertible’ roof, this giving the roofline a significantly flatter profile. This is evident from behind with the bigger rear window, now at a less sharp angle to the boot lid.

SL65 Black in original Matt black. Uk car copy
SL 65 Black Series in unique factory ‘Black Wrap’ ©RomansInternational

Some reports question whether they actually sold the full 350 cars but figures so far are…

Only 175 were sold in LHD in the USA.

Believed 5 RHD in South Africa – 1 of which is in Red.

Australia & New Zealand has 8 RHD cars.

The remaining numbers are spread around Europe. Germany believed to be around 30 cars.

And the UK Numbers… well this is a little blurred, depending who you talk to. I contacted Mercedes Brooklands in 2008 and was informed that only 9 had been sold in the UK but with an option of a further 2 cars. Whether these extra 2 ever came into the UK I need to find out. Many reports will state that 15 UK cars arrived, this can get mixed up with RHD cars, rather than UK cars. However, How Many Made holds records of 9 UK cars and their various colours, from late 2008 to 2010.



If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do research, to get correct information – Regards, Mike.

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