Range Rover Linley

The Original 1999 Press Car, with David Linley

A car I’ve been fascinated with ever since sitting in the original Press Car at Earls Court Motor Fair in 1999.

Land Rover was always a stand I would aim for at any Motor Show, it still is. And the Range Rover was the one to see, especially anything Autobiography. So after an informative conversation with the chap on the stand about the edition, I was hooked.

And that has never changed. I have always tried to find out anything I could about them. Including where are they are now?

There was a maximum of 10 to be made. However, only 6 were ever produced. 5 RHD & 1 LHD. The LHD was sold to a Silicon Valley millionaire and recently sold in the states for around £3000, in a poor state. It’s now being restored. Luckily in the hands of a real collector with a talent for getting this unique car back to show standards and set to live a comfortable life in the US.


Of the other 5, the original 1999 ‘T’ registered Press Car which toured the world as a show piece for a few years went for auction in 2005, with 8000 mile on it. This however was sold out of sale to a main-agent. During it’s short time at the dealer and two large adverts (which I still have) in a nationwide paper, the vehicle was targeted and stolen over a weekend. It has never been found…

Another one has had an upgraded engine to 5.0, so is non-original but is in quite good condition. This was the last one sold by Land Rover. I believe this is currently being restored. This is a Dec 2000, X registered.

IMG_3916 copy
The last registered 2000 ‘X’ reg pictured in 2013

Another Lives in the south west area and is in fair condition, does need paintwork & a bit of TLC, but overall very good. This is the 2000 W registered one. It is currently stored away.

And that leaves two more… One that is a 1999 T’reg and 1999 ‘V’ reg I believe… Both live in the west of England.

I have a fair amount of searched knowledge of the ‘Linley’ edition. However, I do want any information you may know. Where you involved in the making of the cars? Delivering any of them? Did you make the Press packs!? Were you at the Launch on Park Lane in 1999? Do you know anything about the whereabouts of the ‘Stolen’ one!? From the slightest bit of info to the whole car, I would love information on these amazing cars. (Discretion assured)

I look forward to any information

A full Page will be added regarding this vehicle soon…


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