RANGE ROVER HOLLAND and HOLLAND (2015) (405 Series)

This is one of the rarest and most expensive limited editions of recent years.

One of the Original Press Cars, this being owned by the owners of Holland & holland ©SVOPress

An Introduction from the newly formed Special Vehicle Operations division, Land Rover intended to build just 120 Holland & Holland models, at £180,000 in the UK… it was then the most expensive Range Rover you could buy.

Initially, 40 were to be produced in 2015, 40 in 2016, and then a final 40 in 2017. This seems to be all a year later with the dates.

Based on the long-wheelbase L405 Range Rover, and specifically on the Autobiography Black, this was to feature a vast collection of unique Holland & Holland finished features from a unique colour and specially finished leather to unique metalwork. A key feature is a beautifully made wooden gun case in the rear that motors out on a powered floor for improved access, as first shown on the Ultimate Edition in 2010. Other such things are a special rear console and interior door release handles engraved with the acanthus scroll to match the style of Holland & Holland guns.

It was available with either the 4.4-litre twin-turbo SDV8 diesel or the 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 petrol. As yet, diesel was the more popular choice in the UK. In the states, Petrol was the main seller.

The Unique Door Handles of the H&H ©LRpress
The Special-Order Gun Box was believed to be a £15,000 optionwith no guns, of course. ©Landrover
The Unique full leather Interior, separate seats, aircraft-style reclining, pop-up tables, fridge, electric, heated, TVs, and on and on… ©landrover

So, how many were made? It’s thought that the total number was never reached. Even with the car being sold worldwide. However, at the moment we’ll stick with 120 worldwide cars for now… but the UK quota I believe is in single figures. This is certainly one of the rarest… since the launch of this edition I’ve managed to only find three UK cars! So help is needed here… Do you know of any? Get in touch…

Unfortunately, this edition has been made available as an ‘add-on’ for the later model… this page is about the original car and not the 2019 onwards edition.

One of the very few UK cars, a late 2017 car ©howmanymade



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