A Limited Edition to honour the 45th Anniversary of Six generations of the Nissan Skyline GT-R. The first real world, everyday Supercar.

Only 100 Examples were to be built for the world with just 5 being sold in the UK. Making it one of the Rarest Supercars made.

The Original Press Car. ©Nissan UK


Launched in the UK at a Test day at Millbrook Proving Ground in late May 2015 for Journalists. The unique feature of this edition was the paintwork. Finished in the Nissan ‘Champagne Gold’ – Actually called Silica Brass but called Champagne gold for the UK market. A colour taken from the GT-R M Spec R34 edition of 2001. A colour on this edition that has mixed opinions, personally for me, it works for the rarity alone. The wheels were unique to this edition too.

One of the Australian RHD cars. ©carsales

The 45th Anniversary edition is based around the GT-R Premium Black specification with the usual 542 bhp 3.8 Twin Turbo engine, very little seemed changed. A price of £79,780 was a about £1700 over the price of a standard car at the time.

But with it’s unique colour, subtle interior plaque and a number edition on the engine slam plate with it’s (1 of 100) unique number, this will go down in history as one of those cars that was just different and will command a premium years down the line.

The rather plain yet functional interior of the 45th Edition. Special Plaque behind the Gearbox. ©pistonheads


Now time has passed, it’s now known just 79 cars were sold in the world. Initially it was to be sold purely in Japan with a limited number of only 45 cars but was then decided to roll out the edition for a worldwide market, but Limited to 100 cars. Some of the Japan models had a choice of Black or Red Interiors.

One of the few UK cars currently for sale at ATP Performance


In total only 34 of the cars were RHD. The United States were to get 30 cars but just 27 sold there. Australia got just 4 cars, all being RHD. In Japan they were receive 45 cars – although only 25 sold and all were RHD. Just 5 Cars were sold in the UK, including the original press car (which was later believed to have been wrapped black and maybe now out the country). The remaining 16 cars were split around the UAE areas. Another two being unknown but LHD.

Original Press Photo for the Japan release ©Nissan


A full breakdown of VIN number and country reference can be found here


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