So here is Jaguar showing what they are made of… a 542bhp 5.0 Supercharged ‘Lightweight’ version with a host of tricks to make it handle and perform like no other Jag ever has. These very rare Limited Edition versions were the pinnacle of JaguarSport. The Ultimate Jaguar XKR

The Special order 1 of 1 XKR-S GT in Black. And in RHD. ©octancecollection


First shown at the New York Motor Show in March 2013, then later in the year at Goodwood FOS in the UK, the maddest XKR Jag was unveiled to a surprised crowd. The normal Jaguar XKR was more a subdued GT in the Grand Touring sense, but this with its Yellow caliper holding Carbon brakes, removal of any rear seats, a purposeful yet subtle roll cage, stiffened track & road set suspension, full race bucket seats with harnesses, However, the US versions retained the more GT luxury seating with electrics and plump leather. This was more track-focused than anything before… Dripping in Carbon fiber, a unique lightweight bonnet with louvres and ‘painted’ stripes… there are enough ‘differences’ to identify this from the many lookalikes out there. This edition was a starter from the newly formed Engineered To Order (ETO) division, a kind of AMG of Jaguar, that later morphed into SVO and created the likes of the SVR Range Rover’s and the Jaguar Project 7 and 8. This was the first SVO and was to be Jaguar’s answer to the Porsche GT3 RS. It didn’t quite beat that, but it scared the life out of it

One of the original 25 cars for the US version in Polaris White, most were white in the US ©bentleywestcoast
The UK finish of the Interior. ©octancecars


An initial batch of 30 Left-hand drive cars was announced which sparked a flame of interest around the world for this £135,000 Jaguar. Jaguar had sold in the region of 950 coupe XKR throughout the world from 2013 to the end of XKR production, of the final version and with less than 100 ‘S’ versions being sold in the UK, so 30 of an extreme version wasn’t overestimating the possible sales of a car that would be considerably more expensive and highly compromised for its core market. Initial talk indicated that 20 more cars were to be made for the UK. This was actually 20 ‘other’ cars.

It’s thought some Euro countries had a handful of deliveries and odd cars that were sold around the world in RHD form. With 13 RHD cars made in total. 10 for the UK market. Just one White RHD car resides in Pretoria, South Africa. One White RHD car resides in Hong Kong. The remaining RHD car, which is red, is thought to be in storage or a collection, possibly Jaguar Heritage. One White LHD car resides in Portugal. One white LHD one is in Austria. One LHD car from Germany is thought to now be scrapped. Of the original LHD numbers, 25 would remain in America and just 5 would go to Canada. These USA cars were all finished in Polaris White. In total, 45 XKR-S GT editions of the XKR-S GT were made for the World. It is known of at least two cars that have been scrapped or heavily damaged.

An original UK One owner car that returned for sale for the first time in Jan 2020 ©matfordjaguar


And that leaves just 10 cars sold in the UK.  Of the 10 UK cars, the breakdown of the colours goes into 3 sectors, 7 were finished in Polaris White, 2 in Italian Red, and 1 in Ultimate Black, which may now be in Japan but has certainly lived there… And for the record, it’s the only XKR-S GT in the world in Ultimate Black. The two red cars were special order requests also. One of the red cars has been part of Jaguar Heritage, this being later being put up for sale by them. The original press car was registered OV13BRF on 11/4/2013 in White. There is one other white car that is registered earlier than this, it’s thought that was the ‘first seen’ car. The last registered car is white, believed to be living in Guernsey which was registered in June 2015.

One of the two UK red cars. ©joemacari


So to summarize, These were the pinnacle of Jaguar Sport. The Ultimate Jaguar XKR. The most accomplished sporting Jaguar that’s ever been sold. A way of Jaguar showing they do have a place on the world stage that’s usually occupied by Porsche & BMW and their towels… These track-breed versions will be an important of Jaguar heritage and will always be desirable and without doubt be, highly collectible.

It will have its place in history, as the current holding and increase in value is now proving… the Jaguar XKR-S GT Edition



If you know of any of the cars in your country apart from the USA & Canada, do let me know.


If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention  – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do in researching the correct information – Regards, Mike.

15 thoughts on “JAGUAR XKR-S GT

  1. Hey Mike,
    Can you please get in touch regarding the XKR-S GT. I’d like to share some information with you.


  2. I have a good friend of mine that has #1 of 5 in Canada. It absolutely amazing. He is now willing to sell it. All documents as well as artwork of the car which is signed by the lead designer as well as the engineer are included. If anyone is interested on purchasing this very rare Jag contact me. Cheers


  3. Hello Mike,
    I am in Canada and have a 2014 XKR-S. Would like to know how many of these were built.
    Mine is a convertible finished in black. Red and black interior.


    1. Not sure about the XKRS. But I do know there are only 5 XKRS-GT in Canada. Number 1 of 5 belongs to my friend and he is willing to sell it in your interested.


  4. Hi Mike, I am the owner with a friend of the one of the two Italian Red XKRS-GT cars, the one from Joe Macari’s picture. Dry stored, serviced annually and MOT’s with a few short runs each summer to keep in A1 condition. This sits alongside our Jaguar Project 7 and the beast itself, the Project 8… If I ever need a shot of adrenaline we just open up the garage doors…


    1. Hi Jim – that sounds awesome! And what a Jag collection… thanks for getting in touch. I will update the page as time goes on, so keep a watch and thank you for following – kind regards, Mike


    1. Hi Warren,
      Not sure whether you are in the UK or not, but with the current climate from the shortage of cars, specialist editions like yours could easily be marketed at the Jaguar main dealer…
      Otherwise, your usual ‘Pistonheads/Autotrader is a way of trying. SOR with a specialist dealer is also a good idea.
      Send me a picture and thanks for getting in touch,
      Kind Regards, Mike


    2. Hi I would be interested in the XKRS is still available. Please tell me more and what price your asking. I have had two previous cars both black and today I have a XKRS GT the Red one mentioned above!!


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