A very special low volume limited edition ‘ track car ‘ for the E92 series of M3.

All Cars were Finished In Exclusive Individual BMW Fire Orange Paint Orange.

Engine Uprated by 30bhp to 450bhp.

Polycarbonate back-side & rear windows. Race seats. Carbon Interior. Lightweight everything basically!

@BMW Press

And of course… it’s limited in number…

LIMITED TO 150 worldwide. With just 15 RHD cars. And Only 9 UK cars. We have a register of nine cars and will be making a page all about this car very soon with adverts and exclusive photo’s… COMING SOON!!


2 thoughts on “BMW M3 GTS

  1. Lovely website.
    A tiny piece of extra info for this amazing car.
    Not only did it have an extra 30 hp, it was also a stroked engine to 4.4 instead o 4.0 litre.
    Keep up the good work


    1. Hey Joao, thanks for the feedback, Much appreciated. I’m going to update this page soon and add more details and pictures. Thanks again and keep in touch – Mike


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