PORSCHE 911 Turbo S “GB Exclusive” (997)

A Limited Edition of the 991 series 911 Turbo S. This was Porsche showing what the ‘Exclusive’ division was all about in 2014 to celebrate the 40 Years of the car in the UK.

©www.howmanymade.co.uk TurboSgb
One of the UK 40 – pictured here, brand new by me at OPC Solihull ©howmanymade.co.uk

Exclusive for just the UK market to celebrate 40 years of the 911 Turbo, this was purely a celebration of one of the most usable supercars ever produced and this edition being Limited to only 40 cars in total.

Available in 3 colours of Guards Red, White & GT Silver. Together with an engine upgrade and unique interior features. A ‘gloss black’ theme was a styling cue to the original car on the outside with the rear spoiler, door handles, mirrors and wheels all receiving a blast of black gloss. the wheels being of the 997 Sport Classic look. With a price of £150,237 when new, being almost £10k more than the standard Turbo, this needed a few extras tricks up its sleeve to warrant the appeal of simply a Limited Number made.

One of the new UK 40 in Silver, photographed by me at OPC Tewkesbury. ©howmanymade

So the interior was finished in full black leather with red stitching & red seat belts for each colour, a union jack was added to signify the UK only theme on the storage box armrest. Unique floor mats and key holder also added the touch of exclusivity. The sill entry plates were carbon finished and illuminated with the ‘911 Turbo S – Exclusive GB Edition’ logo lighting up when you opened the doors. Nice touch. A unique 911 Turbo S – Exclusive GB Edition badge adorned the dashboard

40th Edition in Red. Distinguishable with the black details, wheels, mirrors, spoiler etc ©meriden

A great feature was the unique car cover and a factory book showing the build process. How many of these will remain with the cars as they are sold will be probably limited but certainly they add to the features of why these were that little bit different.

porsche-911-turbo-s-gb Book
The wonderful ‘Factory’ Book presented with each car, together it came with a bespoke car cover & leather key cover. ©targafloriacars

The engine was basically the same unit from the gen2 Turbo S, with 552bhp so it was hardly wanting for extra power with the Sport Chrono Package Plus, together with Carbon Ceramic Brakes and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control all being standard.

At this time Porsche were the ultimate ‘new money’ toy to have so anything they released sold. Just before this edition a 911 Martini Edition had been released based on the Carrera S, only 3 of those came to the UK out of total of 80 worldwide cars, two in white and 1 in black. Others included the 911 Endurance Edition, 1 of 15 UK cars and the 911 British Legends edition. All a bit questionable as outright collectors gems, more a marketing game whilst waiting for the new model to arrive.

So of the colours for this edition, 10 in Red, 15 in Silver and 15 in White. Only 39 cars were ever registered, one remaining with Porsche. Howmanymade hold 33 plates or VIN numbers. A Silver one is living in Thailand. I have the 10 red cars. 14 white ones and rest being the rarer to find, silver cars. A full list will appear in time. An Interesting fact so far, not one car has been registered on the same day…

So some will mock this for being a tarted up 911 Turbo, but when this becomes a ‘classic’ it will come into its own, like the original Martini edition has done (at last)… So find one with all the “GB Edition” memorabilia, Key case, Bespoke build Book, the unique Boxed Porsche crest and if you want to add an extra touch of special a 1:18 Porsche scale GB Edition model, and that will be a special car for the future.

The 911 Turbo S ‘Exclusive GB’ Edition. 1 of 40 UK Only Cars. It may take 20 years to become a Classic but its day will come…
White. One of the 3 colours ©hrowen

©howmanymade 2020

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