This Limited Edition was released to mark the F1 team’s 2012 Constructors’ World title and Sebastian Vettel winning his F1 title too. This Megane ‘Red Bull’ Edition is almost a gift from Renault for the F1 team’s 2012 constructors’ world title win to RenaultSport fans.

One of the original UK cars. This being No19. ©ownersrights

This was a real Limited Edition. Just 30 Megane Renaultsport Red Bull Racing RB8 will make it to the UK, priced at £28,245. This being a slight rise of £2700 over a basic Megane 265 Cup. Sales started from June 2013 to a maximum of Sept 30th 2013.

One of the the Uk cars, this being in Aberdeen, Scotland. Feb 2016 ©Memsie garage

The 261bhp 2-litre turbo petrol engine remained unchanged, together with the uprated Cup Chassis from the previous Cup Editions, the big standout difference was the unique Twilight blue (or Crépuscule Blue to give it it’s correct name) paintwork and edition decals. All cars were numbered on the door sill. It was to be a worldwide edition of just 815 cars.

No UK brochure was made specifically for the RB8, but a Euro one did exist.

Inside, it came with a number of exclusive features, including the Red Bull Racing branding on the numbered aluminium sill guards and carpet mats. The same logo appearing on the head rests of the Recaro seats which are trimmed in, then new leather/fabric upholstery.

All cars were numbered. This being the original Press Car.
The unique branded seating for the RB8 ©Renault UK

So why feature it here? Well, think of a Clio Williams, made and later sold (unfortunately) in large numbers, with most being used and abused… but it had that F1 connection and later has become highly collectable. This edition also starts with a great car from an era of near perfect Megane RS & RenaultSport editions, the R26R was the pinnacle down the standard Megane Sport, they all had what was required. Another to be featured soon will be the Megane RS Trophy-R, one of only 30 UK cars. Like that, this just ticks that box for being so rare.

Here’s Lucky No13 in Jan 2016. ©

So of the 30 UK cars initially marketed, It’s thought only 29 were ever registered and one kept by from new by Renault UK. It’s believed only 26 exist today. I know of a few that have add a track life, including one that is CAT registered too. However, I’m more gathering the numbers of all the UK cars that were made.

Unique Badging ©Renault UK

At present I have 29 cars, either a combination of the date of registration, edition number or number plate. So a little help is required to get the information accurate. If you have one or know of one, let me know.

A UK car at Renault Bolton… don’t know the edition number… plate ends XGL? Any Help?

Also, trying to track down any numbers of the RHD cars of the world. Only 50 were released in South Africa. With Australia receiving 120. Asia countries including Malaysia were to receive 25 cars. All these being RHD. Still on the search for others… Four cars went to New Zealand, its believed 2 from the Aussie quota now reside there as well.

Same look, South African edition No714 ©ownersrights

The edition numbers were quite random. No real pattern has formed when collecting them. South Africa seem to be higher numbers, 450+ while Australia seem to be mid 300-450 figures but so do LHD cars from North European countries, so not sure how they were issued.

Here’s No99, a Uk car being sold in the north c2017… ©ownersrights
Here’s No99 in June 2019 at Curborough Race Circuit. This had a lot of ‘race’ fittings at the time. This now lives in Ireland. ©

The owner of No 532 recently got in touch and told me how he’d bought the car and did I have any history of the car, well here we go…

This is when it came for sale for the first time since new at Aston Garage in Stone in April 2016.
No 532 – A UK car.

Let me know your car, I may have some photos or history of it.

In total 26 countries were issued with these Limited Edition cars.

Ok, Here are some of the UK numbers;

No 11 / No 57 / No 62 / No 714 / No 760 / No 23 / No 822 / No721 / No 133 / No 780 / No 19 / No 13 / No 761 / No 99 / No 532 / No 14 / No 705 / No 749 / No 77 / No 760 – and that’s so far…

Help if you can with your number edition, it must be linked to a number plate. This will be kept private.

There is also a different “red Bull’ edition in some countries, it doesn’t quite the same original spec as this edition.


*** Lots More to Come… Do you have one? Get in touch…!


If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention ” – Would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I do to research the correct information – Regards, Mike.


  1. Hi there ,thankyou for all the information re the RB8 Red Bull Megane. This was instrumental in my decision to purchase one over a yellow RS275 trophy. I am in New Zealand with car no. 255 and have owned it for 3 months . According to a sales person who worked for Renault 4 came to NZ with another 2 imported from Australia making a total of 6 in New Zealand. I have a classic car collection and previously owned an RS 265 the replaced it with a Porsche Caymen R. I never forgot what a great car the Megane was and managed to track down an RB8 to add to the collection. This includes a 1951 Jaguar xk120, 1963 Corvette Stingray, 1967 Mercedes SL250 Pagoda, 1970 VW Karmann Ghia , 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth, 1995 MGR V8 MG , the RB8 Megane and the Porsche Caymen R .
    Cheers from NZ Graham Standring


    1. Hi Graham, thanks for getting in touch.
      I’m so pleased I had a helping hand in a small way towards aiming you in a decision for another car to add-in you’re amazing car collection!
      I’ll be doing a feature on the Megane Trophy-R edition soon, doing some finalising of data still.
      Thank you also for the numbers update, I knew it wasn’t many in NZ but it really helps confirm a number.
      Keep in touch and let me know if you find any more information regards other cars and their numbers
      kind regards


  2. Hi
    I live in Ireland and recently purchased one of the rb8 from an ex Renault dealer in Hemel hempstead. I have just checked the number and its number 99, the one you have in pics above. from what I’ve been told previous owner carried out a few mods to it to improve track days. I have it now on Irish plates. It’s such a savage car I’m delighted with my purchase and hope to keep for a long time


    1. Hi Peter, great to hear from you. Yes, I meet the previous owner at a track day in the midlands. It did have a lot of extras done to it for track use. I was surprised to see it at the Reno dealer when it came up for sale. It had been for sale elsewhere before then. I do have some more pictures of it somewhere I will search for you – thanks for getting in touch, Mike


  3. Hi, I have been a big Renaultsport fan for years owning a Renaultsport cup Clio, Megane r26 & also a Megane rs250. Always wanted a rare model.
    I almost bought myself an R26r to cherish in my garage but the boss said no to that one haha. I now have a Megane rb8 with all the extras including an Akrapovic exhaust which shows the attitude that these Megane’s look good for. Mine is number 721 in Lancashire UK.


    1. Hi Warren – Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve added your car number edition to the list…
      If possible, would you send me the number plate so I can see if it matches other cars I don’t have the numbers of? IT WILL NOT be displayed on here! – Once again, much appreciated for getting in touch – Mike


  4. Hi Mike, mine is on a private plate with my nickname added and linked to the type of car that it is…
    All the best.


  5. Hi Mike
    I have a special RB8 in my collection. It was gift from Sebastian Vettel to RedBull co owner Yoovidhya Chalerm in 2013. I (RedBull F1 chief designer at the time) acquired it 2 years ago. It only has about 250 miles on the clock and some extra details added by Redbull.
    Rob Marshall


    1. Hi Rob – Wow, that must be the best out there! What country is the car from? LHD or RHD. Well, thank you for getting in touch. Any more details you can give me would be much appreciated, kind regards, Mike


  6. Hey,
    I have #532 RHD here in the SW UK, I picked it up a couple months back and happy to say it’s been a pleasure already.
    She’ll be used properly and not become a garage queen, happy to supply pictures and details of anything if required for your searches.


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