The Alfa Romeo 4C is no more, but it will be heading for classic status sooner than you think. With a few Limited Editions released during its short production run, the ’50th Anniversary’ seems an appropriate edition to cover. Despite a number of owners having a love-hate relationship with the 4C, its popularity will only increase over time.

A Red car now residing in Hong Kong. This being No 18. ©rlneoauctions


This open-top only edition came about as an anniversary to mark the 50 years since the first ‘Spyder’ was released by Alfa Romeo in 1966. The Limited Edition being launched in January 2016 for an impressive £67,800. Loaded with Carbon fibre and small detail tricks, this was a fairly quick sell out for the 4C.

The glorious lush interior of the 50th edition ©alfaromeopress


The interior had carbon fibre instrument panel, sports leather seats with detailed contrasting stitching and a matching leather dashboard. Nice touches.

All the extras of carbon for the 50th edition… ©westaway

Another feature of this edition, it was only sold in the UK. It was only available in 3 colours Competizione Red, Madreperla White (Pearl effect) and Giallo Prototipo (yellow)

Competizione Red ©imperialcars
Giallo Prototipo ©ownersrights
Madreperla White ©ownersrights

One of the instant things to spot is the unique flag on the mirrors. This was for the 50th edition only. So the outside hosted the wing mirror badge, these are prone to falling off and not every car has them anymore… so don’t think it isn’t a 50th without them… some cars have even lost the unique number edition on the centre console.

But the main event is the interior badge, giving the editions a unique number

Here’s No 29 of 50. This is a Yellow car.


A lovely feature with any edition is having that something special, in this case, it was the bespoke Caracalla Limited Edition leather travel bag that had been designed to fit the car. the stitching of the bag matched the colour of your car.

The Beautiful bespoke luggage for the 50th edition 4C, from a yellow car. ©alfaromeopress


With this edition being a UK-only feature I’m gathering the numbers to fit the colours… It’s thought 10 were made in Yellow, 15 in White and 25 in Red but let’s see how the numbers add up first before taking one person’s information. One car is still unregistered, believed to be in dealer stock (or most likely with Alfa UK). The former Chris Variava Alfa Romeo dealer of Nottingham had sold at least 6 cars originally but is probably more likely double that amount… This is now loosely the same company trading as Auto100 and they have a constant stream of these editions and let’s be honest, possibly a safe bet if you’re looking for one.

The Rare Original UK Brochure


Now, the total number of cars is not all in the UK. One is in Hong Kong. There are as many as 10 in Northern Ireland. And there is a white one in Cyprus, sold from the UK.

Exciting news that one is now living the high life in New Zealand! It’s No:35 in Red and is believed to be the original Press Car. It has all the luggage and car cover. More pictures to follow soon.

So up to now, I have 36 cars of all colours, so need a little help. Let me know of your car so it can be added to confirm this great limited edition future classic.




Please get in touch if you have one of these editions!

If this has been helpful in some way, then please mention where you got the information with an ” According to ” – It would be Greatly Appreciated for all the time I research for the correct information

Regards, Mike.


  1. Very helpful summary. First time I have seen the colour numbers split

    I own No. 17 in Red


    Andy Kenward


    1. Hi Andy – thanks for the update. I will add it to the register. Hopefully, I’ll have a full collection soon and a breakdown of all the colours and numbers – Regards, Mike


  2. Hi Mike

    I have just purchased a white 50th Anniversary from Westaway. really upset the LE badge was missing!! Westaway is onto Alfa Romeo to get confirmation of number, but I doubt they will be able to get replacement badge.

    Regards, Carl


    1. Hi Carl – Thanks for getting in touch. I did notice there wasn’t a badge on the Westaway car… So you don’t know what number it is? Maybe contact the first dealer that sold the car, they’ll probably have details. Or as silly as it sounds, check under the seats or them hidden areas! Be nice if you could let me know the number outcome. I had seen the others you mention but thanks all the same. Kind Regards, Mike


      1. Hi Mike. After contacting Alfa Romeo in Italy and a few conversations, they have gone through their records and confirmed my car is number 12. They also still have the badge, which they are going to send me. Well impressed with Alfa Romeo!!


      2. Hi Carl – that is fantastic news… gives it that touch more originality. Thanks for the update. And indeed, well done Alfa Romeo – Mike


  3. Hi Mike

    Great article – nicely done.

    I have No. 26 in Competizione Red, it’s done about 8500 miles and lives in West Sussex area, mostly comes out for the Summer.

    Good luck with developing the content, I will be following it.



  4. Hi Mike – HWM in Walton on Thames have No.19 for sale. They used to be an Alfa Main Dealer and I know they are still an Approved Service Agent for Alfa. It is in Competizione Red and its only covered 320 miles!

    Kind Regards



  5. Hi Mike
    I own the 4c 50th anniversary from new in Competizione Red number 40
    20500 on the clock
    Stay safe


    1. Hi Karl,
      what a lucky chap to have such a great daily car!
      I do have that car already registered, thank you for getting in touch with the extra details…
      kind regards,


  6. Hi Mike,

    Thank-you for taking time to write this interesting article. It helped me with my decision to recently buy number 26. I can see in previous comments this was owned by Simon in West Sussex and has had one other owner after him (As far as I know). It’s now living in East Anglia and is still in good condition. I will never get tired of that exhaust noise.




    1. Hi Steve,
      thank you for the positive feedback, much appreciated.
      Yes, I know the car, it was originally sold new in Nottingham.
      And yes, they do make a great sound! Enjoy and keep in touch,
      kind regards,


  7. Hey there! really enjoyed the read! I believe you already have this car registered but I will be picking up number 21/50 in yellow very soon!
    My name is Rory. S and I live in Shrivenham in the southwest of the UK.


    1. Hi Rory, thank you for getting in touch. So good to hear you have one of those future classics! I have made a note of the car’s new home.
      Keep in touch and let me know of any more you hear or see – Mike


      1. Not sure If one has it registered yet, but it looks as though number 48/50 in yellow is for sale in Southampton UK.


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