Bentley Brooklands Coupe

The Brooklands Coupe of 2008 was from a family of Grand Tourers that only Bentley could produce. Incredible handmade craftsmanship and married to the current most powerful engine in the range with 530bhp.This wasn’t just a fixed head Azure or a Continental R, this was the ultimate GT with interior dimensions completely altered to accommodate 4 people in stunning luxury.

Bentley Introduced their new Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

Bentley Brooklands Coupe Launch at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

Launched as a Limited Edition model, Limited to 550 models worldwide. The first models became public in 2008.

Brooklands int.

Although it was a branded as a Limited Edition of 550, that was, like so many Bentley Limited Editions the maximum amount that they would build. The actual number built from my research is;

TOTAL CARS: 426  Worldwide Cars



For the UK I have every VIN number and steadily gathering every colour they were finished in. I have 63 UK cars registered with colours and specs… just need to search, sort and organise the others…

Brooklands - Black:Black. J.Holland
This is a rare spec! One of only a few in Black with Black spec… ©JohnHolland

The Rare ones are those on a ’10 plate, Only 6 of those were registered. And the rarest is the ‘final’ five which were a Special Commission by Jack Barclay, these include the mentioned ’10 plate.

Brooklands 2010 Special Commission
2010 Bentley Brooklands Special Commission 1 of 5

There’s more to follow on the Brooklands soon… contact me…




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